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Netrack Aces at Events as a Data Center Solutions Expert

Sep 30, 2022 16:39 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Netrack has won its place as one of the most prominent companies offering robust data center solutions. It has been a busy week for Netrack with back-to-back events organized by the IT industry, the Data Center Summit and BICSI Delhi event are the top highlights this month. The objective of the events was to participate in the discussion to address challenges and mitigate risks associated with data centers.


Netrack Aces at Events as a Data Center Solutions Expert

Data Center Summit: An engaging conversation!
This year Netrack participated in the Summit as a gold sponsor. Mr. Ravi Raj U, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support of Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. addressed the audience in Data Center Summit with Netrack’s products that can ensure enhanced airflow management. With the usage of thermal imaging, Mr. Raviraj displayed the criticality of enhanced air flow management in order to bring in maximum efficiency in the Data center. Netrack had also showcased their Seismic rated Rack with all the air flow management accessories so that Customers can get hand on experience.

He also highlighted the common concerns that clients face such as;

  • Deployment of containment, if it’s necessary

  • How to maintain data center temperature

  • Can effective air flow management save money


As a solution, he explained Netrack’s unique offering describing the six zones of airflow management

6 Zones of airflow management

  • Raised floor and below the rack

  • Inside the rack

  • Enhancement with brush modules

  • Air diver kits for side airflow devices

  • Managing the rear side of the rack

  • Around the rack

Netrack manufactures racks, containments, and PDUs with the enhanced mechanism of inducing cold air to the mission-critical equipment for the overall efficiency of the data center. As a solution to the heating issues in a data center, Netrack manages the process of hot air coming out of the servers and equipment and going back to the PAC by deploying containment. 

BICSI Event Delhi: Innovation and offering
The other major event that was happening simultaneously was the BICSI event in Delhi. The event was addressed by Mr. Rajiv, National Manager Project Sales. He represented Netrack and shared his vision for next-generation data center racks.

He began an engaging conversation with the evolving process the IT industry will go through in the next 10 years. He pointed toward the transition the IT industry is experiencing from the on-premises data center to colocation data centers due to an increase in work from home and a hybrid model of operation in the IT industries. To support this transition, he pointed out the requirements.

Need of the hour

  • Choose the right rack

  • Choose appropriate cabling

  • Choose intelligent locking

  • Choose remote power

  • Choose environmental monitoring capabilities

  • Choose remote monitoring of IT equipment

Here he mentioned Netrack’s offering as a step towards the future.

Netrack empowers data center with the following

  • Noise reduction rack feature with active silencer fan tray technology

  • Intelligence racks

  • Modular racks with scalability

  • Seismic and shock-proof racks

  • Racks with remote monitoring capability

  • Efficient airflow and thermal management

About Netrack
Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is an organization depending upon innovation and brainstorming to create robust data center solutions. Netrack offers its expertise to address data center challenges with the following and guarantee benefits for its client.


  • Intelligent rack power distribution

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Cabinet door access

  • Asset management

  • Remote server access and control

  • DCIM



  • Quick deployment

  • Fit for remote location

  • Scalable

  • Up to 30% energy saving

  • Up to 95% efficient


Contact Details 
Email: [email protected]

Netrack Aces at Events as a Data Center Solutions Expert
Netrack Aces at Events as a Data Center Solutions Expert
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