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Netrack's Journey of Knowledge and Growth with Eventful Year of Participation in Multiple Events

Feb 07, 2023 18:14 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Last year end was genuinely eventful for Netrack. The participation in BICSI Mumbai, a partner meet in Bhubaneshwar, and being a part of multiple events for showcasing products and educating customers was much appreciated. The events Netrack participated in last year were grand in many ways and marked the beginning of a new journey of knowledge and growth.


Netrack participation in BISCI Mumbai and partner meet in Bhubaneshwar


BICSI: A memorable event

The 19th BICSI event was participated by 30 companies and 45 participants. Professionals from various sections of the ICT community participated in the seminar to share their experiences and views on the future of technology and innovation.


The event was attended and addressed by Krishna Raj and Dhruvith. Dhruvith is the Regional sales Manager for Mumbai, and Krishna Raj is the National Manager Sales & Support . Krishna Raj addressed the crowd and shared his views about the digital shift data centers worldwide are going through. He also shared his vision for next-generation data center racks. Krishna Raj started an engaging conversation with the evolving process of the IT industry and its future in the next ten years. He elaborated on the transition of the IT industry from the on-premise data center to colocation data centers due to an increase in work-from-home and a hybrid model of operation. To support this transition, he pointed out the requirements.


The right rack with the following

  • Appropriate cabling

  • Intelligent locking

  • Remote power

  • Environmental monitoring capabilities

  • Remote monitoring of IT equipment


He narrated each aspect of change along with a solution that Netrack has designed after analyzing the digital evolution. Among many exciting discussions, topics related to choosing the right data center racks and accessories were discussed and debated. Here, Netrack showcased one of its self-designed and manufactured racks, i.e., the seismic rack. He shared the details about the seismic rack and helped the audience understand why it gained popularity.


Netrack offering

  • Noise reduction rack feature with active silencer fan tray technology

  • Intelligence racks

  • Modular racks with scalability

  • Seismic and shock-proof racks

  • Racks with remote monitoring capability

  • Efficient airflow and thermal management


Partner-meet in Bhubaneswar: A day well-spent training and showcasing products

Thirty-five participants were present in the Bhubaneshwar partner meet, where Netrack showcased its products and conducted a training session to educate the participants about the utility of the Netrack racks. The session was followed by a gala dinner where professionals met and discussed products and scope over good food. Netrack presented the following racks and discussed their usage and how to determine which rack to choose per the Customer requirement.


Netrack’s rack options showcased in the partner meet

  • NRS1 with Necessary accessories

  • NRS with Intelligent Locking solution

  • Open Rack with Hight density cable managers

  • LCD Console and KVM

  • Wall mount and FM Series racks.


About Netrack

Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a company offering cost-efficient and reliable rack solutions that have evolved over the years to cater to technology changes. Netrack increased the relevance of data center racks and optimized them with self-cooling capabilities and seismic or shock-proof features.


The following are the data center racks offered by Netrack that have varying load-bearing capacities:

  • NRS1/42U with 350 static loads on the caster and 750 static loads on the leveler/plinth

  • NRS/42U with 750 static loads on the caster and 1250 static loads on the leveler/plinth

  • NRSe/42U with 1500 static load on leveler/plinth

Netrack participation in BISCI Mumbai and partner meet in Bhubaneshwar
Netrack participation in BISCI Mumbai and partner meet in Bhubaneshwar
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