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NewsX Weekly Show 'Cover Story' to Unveils Political and Personal Lives of Political Leaders

Dec 08, 2014   15:59 IST 

There is a story behind every story. To unveil the hidden facets of a story, NewsX brings to its viewers, 'Cover Story', a weekly show, hosted by Priya Sahgal, Senior Executive Editor, who with her years of experience and journalistic knowledge brings sharp political analysis and insight into the backroom of politics.


Every week, the show features key newsmakers making the headlines and profiles their political as well as personal lives. She engages with the Cabinet ministers, Chief Ministers, senior political leaders in a candid conversation.


Watch 'Cover Story' on Saturday @ 6:30pm, only on NewsX.


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iTV Network is India’s fastest growing news network. With two national news channels, four regional news channels, two newspapers and various digital assets it has a reach of 91 million viewers and readers on a regular basis. NewsX, the National English News Channel of the network, has been a trend setter in the English news genre with its crisp format, direct reportage, pointed debates, trending hash tags and engaging mix of stories. In a short span of time, India News the leading national Hindi News Channel of the network has emerged as a leader in the most competitive genre, winning the trust of the Hindi News viewers. India News UP & Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh and India News Haryana have further strengthened the channel’s dominance in these Hindi speaking regions. The Sunday Guardian is the finest Sunday Newspaper by the network that is sought after by country’s discerning readers for its engaging content and innovative format. The group also publishes Aaj Samaj, a popular Hindi newspaper that caters to the informed readers in Delhi National Capital Region and the state of Haryana. With its innovative approach, extensive research and unbiased outlook, it has managed to stand out in the cluttered landscape. iTV Network is going through an expansion phase and aims to emerge as the biggest independent news network in the country.

Cover Story
Cover Story
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