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Nishabd Shelter Launches Virtual Dog Adoption Program First Time in India

Jun 15, 2022 15:04 IST 
Delhi NCR, India

If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, there are a lot of questions you need to consider. It's an exciting and life-changing decision, but one that shouldn't be made half-heartedly. One such consideration is whether to bring your new family member from an animal shelter or a responsible breeder? Well, there’s no such thing as a “responsible” breeder.


Volunteer of Nishabd attending the dog


While a pet store’s goal is to make money, an animal shelter’s goal is to save lives and prevent suffering. People who breed and sell animals are adding to the overpopulation problem, and you shouldn’t support them. Most animals sold in pet stores were bred in large-scale breeding mills, where they were crammed into tiny, filthy cages or bins. On the other hand, adopted animals tend to be more loving than one bought from a breeder. This could be because of a ‘sixth sense' of knowing you saved them or else they know their life is much better now than in the past. Either way, it feels wonderful.


But choosing the right shelter can be tough. If you're searching to adopt a new best friend, look no further than Nishabd shelter - the biggest saviour of the community animals in NCR. With Nishabd, they can also make efforts to bring the community together to help rescue the dogs and help people learn more about how to safely and compassionately interact with street dogs.


Nishabd Shelter is home to many friendly and healthy dogs, waiting to be adopted into a loving family. Adopting an animal from Nishabd is simple, and their experienced adoption team will guide you through each step of the process. Moreover, they take care of all the paperwork, transportation and medical formalities. All you need to do is collect your new family member when he or she arrives! The initiative has been a very rewarding and heartwarming experience for us, as hundreds of strays at Nishabd have already found space in people’s hearts and homes.


It is understandable that animal lovers cannot adopt all the stray dogs, so becoming a guardian for that special one whose story touched you, is a popular alternative to adoption. This is why; Nishabd Guardian Programme makes the ‘purrfect’ project or gift! The bond formed through this virtual adoption is one that keeps you connected to the progress of your special friend and gives you the opportunity to spend time with them and witness their growth over time. Also, you can ‘adopt’ as many as you like; or ‘adopt’ one as a gift/tribute in honour or memory of a loved one! Your monthly donation is used to help your chosen pet dog at their shelter. Your donation will be contributing to food, shelter, toys, blankets, rehabilitation, behavioural support, and medical & general care including your virtual pet.


About Nishabd Shelter - Raising Voice For The Voiceless

Nishabd is a young, dynamic, and zealous organization that advocates for animal welfare, especially for stray dogs, which have been ignored at large in our community. They began their humble journey in 2018 as a not-for-profit, no-kill volunteer dog rescue organization. The shelter is located in the Dadri district of Uttar Pradesh. The aim of team Nishabd is to ensure that each and every dog in our care receive quality medical treatment, and lots of warmth and affection to be able to go back to living a happy and healthy life.


Nishabd is an initiative by Ms. Ruchika Gupta Narang (Founder, Nishabd) of Ramagya Group, who felt the need to build a free-of-cost medical facility for stray animals where the best, most advanced, ethical, and highly skilled medical care is readily available. Ms. Ruchika says, “Our primary focus is the rescue of sick, injured stray animals that needs immediate medical care. Nishabd truly believes that animals are the real victims on earth. They didn’t declare war, they don’t have weapons and they don’t want to destroy humans or impose their religion. Their only “crime” is that they exist.” In the honour of her vast contributions towards animal welfare, Ms. Ruchika was recently awarded ‘Best Social Women Leader of The Year’ by UBS Mumbai.


Nishabd has close cooperation between the different volunteers and other animal welfare organisations such as Krishaj Foundation, CGS Hospital, The Desi Club, Nestle and Goonj. With their assistance, over 60 awareness campaigns toward timely sterilization & vaccinations of street dogs have been carried out in different locations of NCR. In the past few years, the organisation with the support of part-time volunteers has proudly rescued 1800+, dewormed 3600+, vaccinated 2000+, and medically treated 5300+ dogs in NCR. Apart from that, the shelter has been feeding stray dogs in Dadri and Noida on a daily basis. In total, they have touched the lives of over 1,50,000 dogs in distress. Also, with the service of veterinary surgeons on board, the NGO has successfully saved over 90 canines through life-saving surgeries. Recently the MCD councilors of Vasundhara enclave recognised Nishabd’s work and have approved a small outpost for ‘Nishabd’ in East Delhi to save more animals and provide shelter.


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Volunteer of Nishabd attending the dog
Volunteer of Nishabd attending the dog
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