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Now Grab the Best Deal on 2-Wheelers with

Apr 14, 2016   15:33 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

ShopMate, a unique group buying portal bringing you the best offers from your nearby stores, will now be offering group deals on 2-wheelers. It has been offering similar services on Mobile phones & Tablets. Shopmate groups’ together individual demands for a product and enables local sellers to bid for the total combined demand. ShopMate helps you save the time and energy you spend in going shop-to-shop and looking for the best offers around you by ensuring that you avail the benefits of bulk buying from trusted known local sellers on 100% genuine products, all from the comfort of your home!. It is the only platform in the country which facilitates& promotes offline shopping by providing sellers an opportunity to compete effectively with other dealers and also with their online counterparts.


ShopMate has tied up with prominent dealers in Delhi NCR, selling scooters and bikes from all major brands, to offer the lowest negotiated prices. While the deals offered come with ShopMate’s assurance, the established dealers complement it with product authenticity and service guarantee. For the consumer it's an innovative way of comparing prices, picking the best deals and getting the product the very same day from a nearby seller.


Ms. Sambhavi Sinha, Founder & CEO, said, “ShopMate is the only portal in India to facilitate group buying for its customers. We enable sellers to bid for our customers’ business on a real time basis. Our business model not only ensures the best prices for the buyers but also focuses on empowering local sellers and increasing their footfalls."


The key to ShopMate's business model is the concept of “Expression of Interest” (EOI), i.e, the desire of a consumer to buy a product. This desire is promptly captured in the form of an EOI by ShopMate, who then combines all such EOIs and invites local sellers to throw offers for this pool of customers, resulting in a competition among them. Prices are then displayed in a map-view setting, showing all the sellers' offers in your area on your desired product with just a click. The best part is that these prices are offered live, on a real time basis.


"As ShopMate keeps getting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from different localities it clubs them together and conveys this information to the sellers. Sellers, in turn can revise their offer price and come up with the lowest price, according to the quantum of demand", added Ms. Sambhavi Sinha, Founder & CEO of Shopmate.


To save an EOI is quick and easy. Just visit, search for a product and click on the EOI button to save your EOI. After saving an EOI, you can track the price of this product in your neighborhood from the luxury of your own home. No more running from shop to shop and haggling with the shopkeeper over a discount, ShopMate is here to revolutionize the way you shop!


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Ms. Sambhavi Sinha, Founder & CEO of Shopmate
Ms. Sambhavi Sinha, Founder & CEO of Shopmate
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