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'Official Sponsors of Investing' Social Media Campaign by goes Viral

Apr 21, 2022 16:19 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The 15th edition of the IPL has once again seen a flurry of activity amongst advertisers where everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on the frenzy. As per data available from TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research the average ad volume per channel saw a 3% rise in this season over the previous season. The top five categories of advertisers together accounted for 40% of ad volumes in IPL15 with four being from the e-commerce sector including gaming, education, wallets and online shopping. However, unlike other times when advertising and media buying agencies look closely at cost per rating before taking a call, #FOMO takes control this time of the year and logic takes a backseat. Agencies say a significant number of advertisers are start-ups backed by Venture Capital (VC) funding looking to use the property for bragging rights that subsequently would lead to better brand recognition and valuation, hence are ready to pay the increased cost of ad slots.


In the midst of this frenzy, the latest social media campaign by India’s fastest growing investment platform, themed ‘Official sponsors of investing’ has once again turned the spotlight on the mad rush of brands looking to cash-in on the IPL. The videos present Kuvera’s conversational, tongue-in-cheek take on various aspects of this frenzy - the #FOMO of stakeholders, concerns of VCs, the insane costs of visibility, inside conversations and lack of any measurable ROI when spending humongous amounts of money on just being visible - to showcase how investing needs to be smart, intelligent and disciplined. The ads have gone viral on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram with prominent folks appreciating and commenting on the campaign. “Official sponsors of investing” has already raked in 1.5 million views and is growing!


Commenting on the campaign, Saurabh Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “IPL season turns the Indian cricket fan into the hottest property; brands fight for. We have the official sponsors who have bagged ‘exclusive’ rights. Then some who missed out on the rights but still bought massively priced ad slots to get a foot in the door. When advertising on TV in saner times, media buying agencies and their clients closely look at the cost per rating point when making their media plans. Somehow, the hype of IPL makes all common sense magically disappear. No wonder the majority of advertisers during IPL are startups backed by VC funding who are out there to just earn bragging rights. At Kuvera, we believe investing needs to be smart and disciplined and hence launched this campaign to showcase how intelligent investing decisions can be made.


Since its launch, several other brands have resonated the same conversation and joined in the banter with @GabbbarSingh in his post said, “A brilliant move by Kuvera to push the boundaries and stand apart from hundreds of brands cluttering IPL. #ItsOffical that they're the best. Check out their Deepika, Hema, Rekha, Jaya, and Sushma film.” @WeekendInvestng in his post on Twitter said, “I often say this to my fellows that be aware of how much do you want to invest in stocks. Don't go all in! @Kuvera_In is trying to depict a similar scenario here: Jab Startups Met VCs! Money is important, don't play with it.”


One of Kuvera's viral campaign posts


Vaishnavi Kulkarni, a Social Media and Content Marketer commented, “Bang on! I have seen this happen all the time, especially since the last 2 seasons of IPL. is trying to teach us a very important lesson here, i.e., calculating ROI on your investments. That’s the best calculation one can ever do. I am learning that we should do this on every little that we spend or invest and be very mindful of where the money is going! This season, let’s listen to the official partners of investing and execute our finances in a structure.”


LinkedIn Influencer and Director at Webzoly, Disha Shukla in her post commented, “Let's think wisely. Ever tried comparing your revenue generated from the investment done on the ads? If yes, definitely the results would be a nightmare, right? It’s because we often go heavy on spending so much on branding and advertisements that we forget to calculate and understand even if it's necessary or not. This is the time to stop, think and decide. After all, we are here for business and profit comes first. While scrolling LinkedIn, I came through an amazing video by and it was all enough to grab my attention hence thought of sharing it with you all too.”


Another prominent content creator, Shubham Sharma commenting on the ad said, “Okay, I'm IMPRESSED! A lot of businesses spend senseless money on advertising while trying to make their ad look less like an ad. But when I saw this yesterday, I was forced to ask myself, Do I buy stuff because of FOMO? I shouldn't just buy stuff I don't need because of FOMO, right? Investing is how I will not regret it later. And later I found out, they don't charge commissions or advisory fees i.e. they don't take a chunk away from my profits. Savvy marketing. A clever approach. The message of "responsible investing" received,


Several users have also applauded the campaign and joined in on the conversations! One of them said, “Spending your money down the fancy, overpriced media spots might as well be the new definition of Splurging. @Kuvera_In decided to speak some sense! As someone who dabbles in campaigns on a daily basis - such out of box thinking looks fresh on the horizon.”

One of Kuvera's viral campaign posts
One of Kuvera's viral campaign posts
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