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OK Life Care Launches a New Product 'Better U' Cold Cream

Dec 12, 2019   14:20 IST 
Rohtak, Haryana, India

Winters in India is not just chill and extreme but it is dry and harsh on our skin as well. With a very little amount of moisture in the air to help nourishing your skin, you need something special to take care of your soft and beautiful skin. As winter already sets in, we at OK Life Care have proclaimed to launch our much-awaited product which is a winter cream - "Better U".


Winter cream - "Better U"


Enjoy winter without worries

The "Better U" cold cream is all set to provide enough nourishment and moisturizer that will protect your skin from the winter dryness, sun protection and extra hydration throughout the season. It is well-decorated with all-natural ingredients because we firmly believe in offering a natural solution to our valued customers. Certainly, people are going to love this product and unleash the secret of their aesthetic skin this winter.


Quality and features of "Better U" winter cream

  • Nourish your skin with essential natural ingredients

  • Moisturize your skin and make it supple.

  • Create dryness defense layer

  • Facilitate your skin an Oil-free look

  • Bestow non-sticky feel and look


The Company's CEO - Mr. Dinesh Sharan said, "The concept and goal of our company are to always make a product that can make people's lives better. We have already serving products like multivitamins, green tea and other Ayurvedic products. Following our basic instinct to provide a natural solution to our customers, this time we have launched winter cream - "Better U" that will shied your gorgeous skin from the harmful effect of winter's onslaughts. Since it is prepared by including essential natural ingredients, it possesses no side effect or harmful effect to your skin.


Being a reputed and popular brand, our main concern is to provide a quality product with reasonable price. We do not mind having low profit in regards to offer something that is highly effective yet pocket-friendly."


Cost of the product

The cost of "Better U" cold cream is Rs. 130/-. The cost of the product is quite affordable and competitive as compared to other brands in the market in this segment. It offers many benefits, such as it relieves dry skin and nourishes the skin with its natural ingredients and does impose any harmful effects. Use this product to nurture your skin and keep the effects of winter blues at bay.


About OK Life Care

OK Life Care is one of the reputed and best MLM companies in India. It has been started in the year 2016 with just 3 products and since then the company has achieved an unprecedented gained in its brand face value. It has only become possible owing to the quality of products in such an immaculate price range. As of now, the company has 81 different products related to health care and beauty care. OK Life Care is a branch of OK group which already successfully operating several Educational Institutions, Hotels, Real Estate, etc. in different parts of the country.


Winter cream -
Winter cream - "Better U"
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