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One Moto Global Set to Launch in India

Nov 16, 2021 10:00 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

One Moto Global, the British EV brand brings to India its main range models of EV’s, The Byka and The Commuta set to launch on the 18th of November 2021. One Moto is bringing to India, vehicles combining elegance and performance with advanced technology at an affordable rate. The first-of-its-kind of electric vehicles with top line power train. The vehicles bring to the customers- style, design, speed and performance like no other. They come in unique colors giving high performances with a single charge.


Keeping in mind COVID protocols the launch of One Moto India EV’s will be on the Digital platform V-Meets, on the 18th of September at 02:30 PM IST. Viewers are welcome to join in to understand the concept behind the brand and its plans for India. It will go on for a duration of 45 minutes with the introduction and revealing of the vehicles from their Founder Adam Ridgeway of One Moto Global along with the India Founders, Muzammil Riyaz, Sameer Moidin. More details of the vehicles and bookings will be announced by the CEO One Moto India, Shubankar Chaudhary. The launch is expected to demonstrate and display the features of the bikes that have been much talked about mainly its Fast-charging capacity, Eye catching design, Mobility tracking, its Battery swapping options among more.


The event is accessible to all with a simple registration using the QR code or the link attached below. The digital launch was also meant to facilitate the reach of the Event to a wider audience that have been following the EV’s since its presence was announced in the country.


A glimpse of the vehicles along with the QR code for the Launch Event


The interest garnered in the launch has honored One Moto with the presence of Eminent higher representatives of various Indian state Governments that will join Team One Moto India during the launch ceremony.


The support One Moto India has received from the state Governments in India has been incredible and has been inspiring for the company. Major concern has been kept by the One Moto India to adhere to the rules and standards of the Indian Government that is keen on safety and sustainability. One moto India is dedicated to the Prime Minister’s Panchamrit vision announced at COP 26. With global environmental concerns on the rise One Moto India is pleased to be a part of the solution for India and intents to comply with the solutions to further decrease the carbon footprint in the country.


The news of the launch has already set a thrill among Investors, Dealers, B2B and Retail customers alike that are impatient to finally experience the buzz that has been the One Moto EV’s. With major investments coming in, the interest is already piqued among the Indian Market to discern the many unparalleled features of the bikes. The event is also expected to give a glimpse of the Dealerships it has, the product availability and booking dates and details.


Ellysium Automotives is the parent company of One Moto India. Ellysium Automotives an Indian Startup for Sustainability that has been aggressively promoting environment friendly mobility with plans for setting up networks of Battery Charging/Swapping stations thus providing a complete & wholesome EV habitat.


One Moto India officially comes under One Moto Global with its Indian Headquarters in Hyderabad.

A glimpse of the vehicles along with the QR code for the Launch Event
A glimpse of the vehicles along with the QR code for the Launch Event
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