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Pancham Dham Nyas Announces Unfurling of Sanatan Flags in 52 Countries Around Indian Ocean

Jul 06, 2022 17:15 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Pancham Dham Trust; RSS ideology based Pancham Dham Nyas has announced the unfurling of Sanatan Flags in 52 countries around the Indian Ocean. As the conquest merely can’t be restricted to South Asia, it also has roots beyond continents in terms of cultural expansion and trade and will be flourishing exponentially. The movement has brought upon an opportunity that binds the region and offers a spiritual connection, a dialogue that’s beyond the barriers of nations, countries or geographies.

Sanatan Flag

During the Press Conference, senior speakers from Pancham Dham Trust reiterated the glory and harmony in ancient times among 52 coastal countries, for trade, culture, tradition, cuisine and many more exchanges with India. There is a common spiritual connection; a supreme faith of Hindutva that has connected the whole Diaspora. Today, it is time to revive the ancient glory and spread the conquest beyond the geographical boundaries.


Recently the Pancham Dham also announced the establishment of “Sanatan Sanskar Dhyan Kendra” for the exchange of social convenience with the countries from the Indian Ocean from Australia to South Africa including the Middle East.


Today, Pancham Dham Nyas has a bigger footprint; it is registered in multiple countries and also has presence in South-East Asia. RSS veteran, Indresh Kumar and RSS oversees the Pancham Dham organization. ARSP General Secretary, Shyam Parande is the founder trustee and is leading the movements of the organization. Kavita Goyal from Essel World, Mumbai and also the Chairperson Virinchi Hospitals chain, Kompella Madhavi Latha, in south India along with the founder of Neemrana group Aman Nath and Navratan Agrawal, Director Bikanerwala are some of the high-profile dignitaries that are instrumental in driving the organization, also the Trustees of Pancham Dham Nyas. Leading Malaysian businessman, Dato Ram has taken the responsibility of constructing Dham work in several countries.


People from the NRI community and countries that are part of the Indian Ocean are equally supporting the movement to develop the exchange of culture and trade. To re-establish the glory of ancient India, Pancham Dham Nyas welcomes all the NRIs who wish to connect and take oath for Pancham Dham, it also appreciates their valuable effort and guidance for the noble mission.


The Pancham Dham Nyas was earlier known as the 1008 Names of Shiva Association and has been able to walk the path of Sanatana dharma due to the never-ending efforts of torch bearers Indresh Kumar, RSS Veteran and Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, the conceiver of the idea.


Speaking at the event, Sailesh Vats, General Secretary and Trustee said, “Sanatan is in auto mood in India now, and we are witnessing that people from India and abroad are joining the conquest as never before. Our team is reviving the feelings about Sanatan lifestyle beyond Bharat.” Sailesh Vats is also looking after all the coordination and planning of the Sanatan flag beyond India.


After the successful exchange program in Cambodia, Pancham Dham is scheduled to go to Nepal last week of this month and Sri Lanka for human support on 17 September this year. All NRI are going to meet in London to accelerate the movement in November this year. To revive Pancham Dham in Siem Reap is the utmost priority of the Nyas. Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani is on a roll and has already started crafting a road map on this along with Sailesh Vats and his team.

Sanatan Flag
Sanatan Flag
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