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Parallel Wireless’ Unified Software Platform Bags Leading Lights Award for Most Innovative Mobile Product

The pathbreaking solution is emerging as a benchmark in mobile network technology and enables easy migration to 5G

May 07, 2019   12:23 IST 
Nashua, N.H., Washington, Tunisia

Parallel Wireless’ Unified 2G/3G/4G/5G software has won the prestigious Leading Light Award for Most Innovative Mobile/wireless Product or Service for 2019. Parallel Wireless’ Unified 2G/3G/4G/5G Software platform has been chosen for enabling Open Radio Access Network (RAN) through complete decoupling of hardware and software functionality.


Parallel Wireless - Best Mobile Product ALL G SW


The award recognizes companies for developing a potentially market-leading product that has enabled the launch, deployment or creation of innovative, profitable mobile/wireless services (4G/WiFi/unlicensed) during the past year.


A pathbreaking technology, Unified Software Platform is an industry disruption and enables service providers to move away from proprietary hardware to a virtualized network architecture.


For mobile network operators, RAN has always been the most significant expense accounting for 60% of capital expenditure and 65% of their operational cost. The migration to the next generation (from 2G to 3G, 4G or 5G) requires a complete replacement of RAN, becomes a costly process.


Parallel Wireless’ Unified Software Platform addresses this issue and results in massive cost saving for telecom companies. The solution gives operators the ability to deploy and maintain any and all generations of mobile networks in a unified, simplified, and cost-effective way.


The solution has been acknowledged and awarded for connecting the unconnected living in difficult terrains, like the people in North Canada, and Latin America, for which it won Small Cell Award 2018 for Excellence.


Parallel Wireless virtualizes, automates and optimizes ALL G cellular networks, delivering quality end-user experiences for all use cases, including public safety LTE. The software-based network solution being able to support All Gs was hailed as a `necessity’ by prominent global service providers, Vodafone and Telefonica, at the TIP Summit last year.  


Parallel Wireless is engaged with mobile operators in 60 countries and reimagining the next generation of wireless infrastructure to be much lower cost ensuring more equal access to 5G globally. We are proud and thrilled to win Leading Lights Award 2019 for Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product. The software-based approach for older Gs is unheard of because the original design makes it tough to reconfigure legacy 2G and 3G networks to support newer communications standards, such as 4G, and eventually 5G. Our Open Compute model is now disrupting the telecoms space, and mobile operators are moving away from proprietary hardware to a virtualized network architecture. The Leading Lights Award is a testimony to this success,” says Rajesh Mishra - Co-founder, President and CTO, Parallel Wireless.


About Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless's is the only US company challenging legacy vendors globally with the industry’s only unified 2G/3G/4G/5G software enabled solutions. This Cloud Native Network Software redefines network economics for global MNOs in coverage and capacity deployments while paving the way to 5G. The company is engaged with many leading operators worldwide and has been named as a best performing vendor by Telefonica and Vodafone. Parallel Wireless's innovation and excellence in multi-technology open virtualized RAN solutions has been recognized with 60+ industry awards.


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Parallel Wireless - Best Mobile Product ALL G SW
Parallel Wireless - Best Mobile Product ALL G SW
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