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Portronics Launches the Next Generation Smart Pen - Electropen 3

Mar 30, 2016   12:30 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

- First time in India, now you can convert your Handwritten Notes to Live Notes and Sketches to Live Sketches with voiceover option


Portronics, a prominent leader in the innovative and portable digital product market, has launched the first of its kind smartpen and the latest in its famous Electropen series of smart pens - the stylish technology marvel, “Electropen 3”.


Like all other smart-pens in the Electropen series, Electropen 3 uses a normal pen refill and normal paper. You can write or draw on any normal paper and view in real-time the JPG image on the mobile, tablets and laptops. However, this unique Electropen 3 allows the user to not only view the static JPG picture but also to see the video of entire process of taking notes or drawing a sketch in the video format with voiceover option. The inbuilt microphone allows user to record high quality voice while taking the notes. The entire video recording of the note taking and sketch making is stored in the Phone. This takes the whole experience of note-taking and sketching to a completely new level and allows the users to re-live the whole experience anytime, anywhere.


Electropen 3 is extremely useful for teachers, trainers, students, NGOs, Skill Development Agencies, product designers, marketing & UI/UX professionals, and other professionals for managing and sharing knowledge digitally.


Use Case for educational institutions, NGOs, and Training & Skill Development agencies:

Using  Electropen 3, teachers & trainers can explain simple and complex concepts graphically, derive mathematical equations and draw diagrams, and keeps the class more engaged thus improving the learning of the students and trainees. Since while doing all this, the teacher can continue to face the students and not the board, in the process. The whole process is recorded with voiceover option making high-quality videos for repeat use. The same can be used to train new teachers and trainers as well. Teachers can improve their own delivery too. The schools & colleges can upload these lectures on their websites and give conditional access to students which will help them prepare during exams. These institutions do not need to buy expensive smartboards.


Use Case for R&D, Product Development, Marketing & UI/UX professionals:

Using  Electropen 3, the R&D, New Product Development and Marketing teams can make prototypes sketches, record their voice to explain the concepts and collaborate with each other and their customers and partners. This can help save time in back-and-forth design discussions, improve effectiveness of the process of New Product Development, reduce time-to-market of new product launch and improve the chances of successful product launch.


Key Features

  • Convert your handwritten notes and sketches to live video demonstration with voiceover option

  • Share the notes and the videos with anyone through Social Network

  • Possibility of connecting the Electropen with Mobile through OTG cable

  • Allows users to uses normal paper and pen refill to write

  • Notes and Sketches can be edited, erased, colored and shared

  • Comes in a convenient all-in-one package that includes the pen refills, aesthetically weaved leather cover, a receiver and a USB cable for charging.

  • Electropen 3 app is currently available on Android platform and will very soon be available on IOS devices.

  • This pen will work with devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, OTG and Android 4.4 and above and with Windows 8.1 also.

  • It has an extensive battery life that allows the user to write continuously working over 80 hours


Pricing and Availability:

Portronics Electropen 3 is priced at a very attractive price-point of INR 5499/-.

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About Portronics India:

Portronics India provides excitingly innovative, aesthetically appealing, high in quality, fun to use yet durable portable digital devices that are transforming the effectiveness of enterprises and individuals. With a PAN India presence, Portronics has been successfully delivering its products and services across India for over 10 years.


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Portronics Electropen3
Portronics Electropen3
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