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Premiering November 17th, Animal Planet Brings New Series Presented by Nigel Marven

Nov 04, 2014   13:53 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Renowned British naturalist, presenter, producer and author Nigel Marven is back on Animal Planet with his brand new series DEADLIEST SNAKES WITH NIGEL MARVEN.


Known for his daring presenting style, Nigel will be seen tackling some of the world's most lethal snakes in DEADLIEST SNAKES WITH NIGEL MARVEN to air every night at 9 pm starting November 17 on Animal Planet.


The series follows wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven as he counts down the ten deadliest snakes in the USA, South Africa and Costa Rica. To make his list he’ll go anywhere and everywhere - pristine jungles, rocky deserts, rubbish dumps or city wasteland - for pygmy rattlers he’ll even explore Cape Canaveral. He’ll have close encounters with infamous snakes, their very names blood-chilling, like the bushmaster, timber rattlesnake and fer-de-lance. While dodging snapping jaws and vicious fangs to come up with his Top Ten, Nigel also meets flamboyant characters, from snake hunters, to venom scientists and serpent worshippers. He finds out the damage venom can do to humans and prey alike, whilst showcasing remarkable new behaviours, hunting, births and powerful strikes in ultra-slow-motion. But which lethal serpents will head each deadly list?

Nigel comes face-to-face with the deadly Costa Rican terciopelo (fer-de-lance); he describes the difference between the Costa Rican tropical milk snake and Central American coral snake; he wrestles an enormous anaconda in Wild Colombia.


Some of the episodes include:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a Central American country has an astonishing array of animals including some really spectacular serpents. Nigel comes up with his own list of Costa Rica's ten deadliest snakes. His mission is to meet them all. The top ten include some spectacular Pit Vipers. These dangerous snakes all have vertical pupils and heat sensing pits on their faces. There's a Rattlesnake on his list - the Cascabel and a cousin of the Cobras. He also has the Central American Coral snake. Nigel finds out about fangs and venom and why there are so few deaths from snakebites in Costa Rica today.


Nigel Marven goes to the USA to encounter some awe-inspiring venomous snakes, including rattlers. He’s come up with his own list of the USA's Ten Deadliest Snakes. There'll be thrills and spills as he counts down his deadly list. Nigel meets rattlers. The Western Diamondback and sees how sidewinders compare to Mojaves. He’ll find rattlesnakes in the east as well as the wild west. But rattlers aren't the only snakes on his deadly list.


South Africa

Nigel Marven’s quest to explore the deadliest snakes will be incomplete without going to South Africa, a country that’s rich with snakes. There are over 170 kinds that live there. Two kinds of Mambas are in his countdown.


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Nigel Marven with Gila Monster 2 - Michael Hutchinson
Nigel Marven with Gila Monster 2 - Michael Hutchinson
Nigel & Black mamba 1(c) Animal Planet
Nigel & Black mamba 1(c) Animal Planet
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