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Proteon Pharma to Focus on Development of Bacteriophages as a Sustainable Alternative to Antibiotics in Poultry Industry

Oct 12, 2021 15:41 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Proteon Pharmaceuticals India - a subsidiary of Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA Poland, today announced it will focus on the development of bacteriophages as a sustainable alternative to antibiotics in the poultry industry. It is engaged in the development of precision biology for microbiome protection to improve animal and human health and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics.


Elaborating on Proteon Pharmaceuticals product development strategy, Dr. Ramdas Kambale, Director, Sales, Asia Pacific said, “Antibiotics usage in chicken is a big concern for food safety and it is really important take this forward to stop or minimise usage of antibiotics and look seriously the bacteriophages as its clear-cut alternative.” He also added that growing population needs to be fed with proper protein diet which can be achieved by chicken meat being easily and safely available for sustainable consumption.

Proteon Pharmaceuticals India had recently introduced, BAFASAL+G®, a feed additive that prevents and eliminates salmonella on the poultry farm while keeping the microflora in the gut intact.

Recently, Proteon Pharma participated in the 54th CLFMA (The Compound Feed Manufacturers Association) annual meeting and 62nd National Symposium 2021 for creating awareness about need for alternative high quality feed options and how high usage of antibiotics is a big concern for food safety and AMR.

CLFMA is very strong and old associations of livestock/poultry feed manufacturing companies along with pharma companies. CLFMA always works as governing body for feed and feed additives, and they play very important role to convince DGCI to allow the import of the raw materials/feed additives into India. The CLFMA interacts with the Centre, State Governments and industry players on policy formation related to the livestock sector.

Proteon uses precision biology for microbiome protection to improve animal and human health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

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