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Quick Heal Technologies, the Leader in IT Security Solutions, Launches Its New and Improved 16.00 Series

Nov 24, 2014   16:35 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Quick Heal Technologies has launched its new and improved product series. Known as version 16.00, this series strives to provide its users with safe banking, secure Internet Surfing, and a better PC experience.

If there is anything that can define Internet in one word, it is “convenience”. We can conveniently indulge in activities such as buying books, apparels, paying bills, and even getting groceries without breaking a sweat on the Internet. But we cannot overlook the fact that the convenience of the online world is tainted with dangers. Every person who shops or banks online is a potential victim to phishing attacks, identity theft, and ‘data stealing’ software such as key loggers, to name a few.

Quick Heal 16.00 has been designed to combat the dangers of online financial transactions such as paying bills, banking and shopping. This version has brought in an essential security feature called Safe Banking that automatically takes all necessary security steps while the user is conducting a financial transaction online. Safe Banking creates a completely safe virtual environment that protects the user’s online transactions against all kinds of threats. It also provides automatic protection against threats such as phishing, identity theft, key loggers, etc.

Since the time of its inception, Quick Heal has been focusing on protecting the digital assets of its users. Last year, we brought in a technology that can detect and block threats that have no known identities but are capable of inflicting maximum damage. This year, we are adding an essential layer of security that aims to protect our customers’ financial information and activities online by introducing the Safe Banking feature. I am certain that this move by Quick Heal, will help our users rest assured that their money is safe on the Internet.” said Kailash Katkar, Chief Executive Officer, Quick Heal Technologies.

Sanjay Katkar, Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies had this to say, “The main driving force behind the development of Quick Heal 16.00 has been the increasing number of identity theft and incidents of online scams. Most people are easily tricked into giving away their financial information on fraudulent websites and through fake email messages. Given how advanced today’s cybercriminals have become, it is near impossible for ordinary users, sometimes even for security analysts to tell a fake site from a real one. But with Safe Banking in place, we intend to nullify all these risks with minimum user intervention. All a user has to do is to use the Safe Banking browser, and Quick Heal will take care of the rest. With the launch of the 16.00 series, we want to let our users concentrate on the things that matter, while we take care of their digital security.”

The Quick Heal 16.00 series is a move against cybercrimes aimed at the financial assets of users. Its Safe Banking feature:

Blocks fraudulent and malicious websites that steal user data

Ensures that your banking site has a secure connection

Blocks malicious programs that record user keystroke

Prevents you from getting redirected to malicious websites


Other Salient Features of Quick Heal 16.00 include:

1. Vulnerability Scanner:

Notifies user of critical security vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers to hijack their PC and data.

2. PC2 Mobile Scan:

Scans user’s device for malware infections and cleans them if there are any.

3. Remote Device Management:

A free portal that lets users manage their multiple Quick Heal licenses via a single cloud-based account.


About Quick Heal Technologies:

Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1993, is a leading IT security solutions provider and an ISO 9001 certified company. Over a span of 21 years the company's R&D has focused on endpoint and network security solutions. Quick Heal has partnered with Microsoft and Intel. The products are internationally certified by ICSA Labs, AV-Test, West Coast Labs UK and more. The company has global offices in UAE, US, Japan and Kenya. It has a well-connected network of 15000 plus channel partners in more than 112 countries worldwide. Quick Heal Technologies employs more than 1100 people across 31 branches in the country.


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