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Ramagya Foundation Launches Innovative CSR Initiatives 'Donation Locker' and 'Happy Fridge'

Ramagya Foundation has launched these campaigns to help homeless people & moving labourers

Jan 06, 2020 15:29 IST 
NCR, Delhi, India

Continuing with its ceaseless commitment of giving back, Ramagya Foundation has launched inspiring new CSR initiatives ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’. Worthy of praise and imitation both these initiatives have been gaining momentum over the past few weeks with winters just around the corner. Under the aegis of “Purusharth Charitable Society Ramagya Foundation has launched these initiatives with aim to help the poor, needy and homeless people braving the chill of the night. Ramagya Foundation has also launched a new web portal through which anyone can contribute one’s bit to these philanthropic moves.


Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’


Ramagya Foundation has initiated ‘Donation locker’ to promote the habit of giving some necessities to the ones in need. Ramagya’s Donation Locker has been installed at various locations in NCR where Books, Clothes, Footwear, Toys or any other wishful items can be donated with assurance that the collected proffers will be used judiciously.


Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’


Happy Fridge’ is another unique CSR campaign by Ramagya Foundation which highlights the most relevant message, “A nation could eat off the food we waste”. Launched in association with Feeding India, Happy Fridge campaign by Ramagya Foundation calls for donating the excess food items in Happy Fridge located at three different locations in Noida. The collected food is being alternatively offered to the needy and helpless.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, “Ramagya Foundation has launched both these campaigns to help the homeless people and moving labourers who remain in dire need of food, clothing and other necessary items even to sustain their lives. While Donation Locker is aimed at providing them the much needed care and support through clothes and other necessary items, Happy Fridge is aimed at offering them sumptuous food with dignity. We aim to bring this initiative at PAN India so that neither any human sleeps empty stomach nor any food is wasted.”


In the progressive path of society development Ramagya Foundation is contributing through several attractive programs, including UMEED, UNNATI, SANGANAK, ARADHYA, URJA and PANKH focusing on four core areas including Education, Skilling, Physical and Mental Health of underprivileged children. Giving back to the society is the primary motive of Ramagya Foundation which aims to contribute towards creating educated and developed society by unleashing talent and sculpting each individual soul by imparting values. More than 1,05,000 lives have been impacted through these programs.


Ramagya Foundation also runs another most commendable initiative called 'NISHABD' that seeks to sensitize the society towards dogs and provide loving, caring and responsible shelter for them. NISHABD has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of the street dogs that have been starved to emaciation, beaten, confined in their own waste, shot, or struck by cars.


About Ramagya Foundation

Ramagya Foundation primarily focuses on the needs of education of the less privileged and extending the horizon of addressing the needs of the larger community. Ramagya Foundation is working on sustainable progress, peace, and justice towards completion of social commitments to unleash and nurturing talent, sculpting the individual soul by imparting values and enhancement of living standards backed by technology to contribute towards educated and developed society. Ramagya Foundation firmly believes that children are the future of our nation and for the progress of our country, overall development of the underprivileged children holds great importance. In the progressive path of society development Ramagya Foundation is contributing through several welfare programs like UNNATI, UMEED, URJA, SANGANAK, ARADHYA, PANKH. In addition to the same it’s also proactively working in the field of Animal Shelter ‘NISHABD’. It serves the community by taking action in instances of animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. It has rescued and rehabilitated animals that have been starved to emaciation, beaten, confined in their own waste, shot, and struck by cars. Reducing the incidence of cruelty and healing the wounds of cruelty is the primary concern of NISHABD.

Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’
Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’
Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’
Ramagya Foundation - ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’
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