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Rank Me Online is Transforming Businesses to Customer-centric Brands

May 14, 2019   11:22 IST 
Delhi, Delhi, India

Rank Me Online recently announced the launch of “Review Analyzer”, an artificial intelligence driven tool. Through Review Analyzer, brands get actionable insights so that the brands can directly use the data to power their strategy. For example, A person reviews a cafe online as “The coffee was good but the service was bad”. Review Analyzer shows that Coffee is termed as positive and service is termed as negative. Now the cafe can directly use this information to start promoting its coffee and internally work on improving its service to the customers.


Rank Me Online Team


There is no doubt in saying that customers are the heart of any business. Just like every human being’s first priority is to be healthy, the first priority of any business is to keep their customers happy, “ says Jyoti Gupta, Founder of Rank Me Online.


Founding Team - Jyoti & Deepti


Today’s businesses are hungry for data about their customers, their competitors, their target audience so that they can do business the way their customers want them to. More and more businesses are making customer experience their number one concern, and the success of customer first companies like Amazon, Ola, Uber, Flipkart has made sure that everyone understands and follows that.


Rank Me Online has emerged to be the one stop solution for any business to convert into a customer-centric business. There is no magic in the platform, it just uses data and artificial intelligence to derive actionable insights. The platform provides data from all online sources like websites, blogs, forums, reviews, social media websites like twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube videos etc. The platform then provides insights into what customers want, what kind of features do they like in the product, what are the main things they look for. Rank Me Online works in real time to help businesses scale new heights. The one platform that helps businesses take decisions - faster, sooner and prevent any crisis situations.


Discussing about how to get started with the platform, Deepti Chauhan, Cofounder of Rank Me Online puts it very elegantly - “If a business wants to know what people talk about them online, all they need to do is - create an account on the platform, enter their brand related keywords like its name, product names etc and voila! All the data will start flowing in the system, analysed by artificial intelligence ready to be used.”


The platform is seeing great response from the business community and already has 1500+ users. The startup was recently covered by Rajya Sabha Channel for their prime show - Arthniti. The vision of the company is to “be the frontrunners in helping organizations of all sizes to derive informed decision using consumer opinion”. The platform is meant to serve all businesses small, medium and large such that each business can be benefited from the power of analytics. The future plans of the platform are to be able to serve each and every business sector successfully and at the same time expand its services geographically to reach a wider audience.

About Rank Me Online

The platform is founded by 2 highly passionate women entrepreneursJyoti Gupta, and Deepti Singh Chauhan, having extensive experience with some of the most customer-centric companies in the world. Jyoti Gupta is a computer engineering graduate from Delhi college of engineering (DCE/DTU). With her industry experience of more than 7 years, she has worked with companies like Amazon, Limeroad and Curefit. Deepti Singh Chauhan is MBA postgraduate from IIFT Delhi and a computer engineer graduate from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE/DTU). She has vast experience working with Samsung, AkzoNobel and Cognizant.

Rank Me Online Team
Rank Me Online Team
Founding Team - Jyoti & Deepti
Founding Team - Jyoti & Deepti
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