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Rattan Deep Singh Completes 10 Years with Alliances Galore

Mar 04, 2020 17:55 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Alliances Galore, India’s largest alliances aggregating company and the most enterprising offers based merchant acquirers in India and now even globally, are serving more than a million alliances for their customers at present.


With dedicated and sincere efforts of a dynamic team, Alliances Galore is constantly improvising to provide the end consumer maximum benefits with their impeccable management skills of managing and curating offer based platforms fetching benefits both for their own customers in the banking industry and for the end consumer with their expertise in overseeing and supervising parameters while executing and ensuring last mile connectivity in a seamless yet effective manner.  


Led by an ever enthusiastic and motivated board of leaders, Alliances Galore has been fortunate to have some sincerely value creating and value adding members as part their core team. One team member in particular who truly deserves special acknowledgement and mention is, Rattan Deep Singh.


Since the time Rattan Deep Singh joined Alliances Galore he has proven to be an indispensable resource to the organisation. 


Rattan who began his role in the capacity of an acquisition executive with sincere perseverance, high levels of integrity and enthusiasm climbed the ladder at Alliances Galore to head the acquisition team in the North, East & West regions in India. 


As shared by Rattan Deep Singh, himself the turning point in his career with Alliances Galore came with the success of his first international project in Singapore for the company, where he was sent to execute a significant project. Ever since, his first international stint, he’s never held back and continued to grow both personally and build a strong network of premium partnerships for the organisation, globally. 


Besides his proactive contribution in acquiring and bringing more business to the organisation, Rattan is a team builder and aces at executing whatever task he’s delegated with. 


With sincere emotions, Rattan Deep Singh, states, “I was often told the difference between a hard worker and a smart one, as for my part at Alliances Galore, I have often tried to supersede expectations and have proved to be the best of both.”


In his years spent at Alliances Galore, he’s been instrumental in building an entire unit of the acquisitions team. Eager to learn and known to be a go-getter, Rattan Deep Singh illustrates attributes, a company is always looking for to make their ‘Dream Team


“Rattan has been the pillar of Alliances Galore acquisitions team and has evolved with time. He’s always been able to adapt himself to the need of the environment around him. Rattan has succeeded in putting together a strong team and has always led by example. Aptly nicknamed, ‘Rockstar’ by our team at Alliances Galore,Vikul Chander, CEO at Alliances Galore.

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