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REHAU Unveils 'Go-to-Market' Strategy to Enhance Consumer Experience & Grow India Market Share

Targets INR 1000 crore revenue by 2020

Feb 23, 2018   17:34 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Double retail experience centers by end of this year

  • Launches Inspiration Express; interactive mobile lounge to bring product offering closer to customer homes

  • Unveils insights of IMRB consumer survey on buying behavior

  • Vadodara, Gujarat, operational since Dec 2017 to strengthen North India capacity

REHAU India, a leading system and service provider for polymer-based solutions in windows, furniture & building industry, today announced a retail push strategy to bring good living to Indian homes and strenghten its India commitment. The company launched REHAU Inspiration Express, a unique mobile experiential showcase, encompassing the entire range of ADVANCED LIVING SOLUTIONS, from furniture, windows solutions and building solutions to interact with consumers acoss 60 cities of India over the next year. The REHAU Inspiration Express kick-off was witnessed by noted architects of the industry, along with Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman of REHAU South Asia.



Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express


REHAU unveiled findings of an IMRB Survey highlighting consumer buying insights and behaviour pattern across key cities of India covering over 600 consumers in a qualitative and quantitative research. The study highlights that Quality is a key factor for upgrading or renovation of home. Sophistication, Functionality, Efficiency, Durability, Quality, Aesthetics, Reliability are some of the other considerations in a consumer purchase cycle. The study shares that a drawing room defines the consumer’s character the most and the the outlook towards space in majority homes revolved around the needs of the kids’ in the home. There is also a growing need for large sliding windows in homes as they are considered important for providing fresh air and ventilation, providing a positive and refreshing feeling. The study highlights digital media becoming an increasing choice for consideration when searching for home solutions.


Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express


REHAU has a strong focus on ‘Made in India’, ‘Made for India’ and offers localised offerings for Indian consumers across furniture, windows and building solutions. The company will  double its dealer experience centres across India and is targetting INR 1000 crore revenues by year 2020. It  has two operational plants in Pune since 2001 that manufacture a wide range of edgebands, various rigid profiles, profiles for windows and doors & various industrial solutions. In future, this plant is expected to develop more product lines to meet the increasing market demand. A third facility in Vadodara, Gujarat, has been operational since December 2017. It is an extension of REHAU’s commitment to the Indian market and will cater to the growing demand of the Northern market. Initially, the Gujarat facility is producing Edgebands and in future new products such as 3rd Rail production will be introduced, depending upon market and project needs.


Key Highlights of the REHAU-IMRB findings covering 600 customers across key locations in India in a qualitative and quantitative study along with understanding the purchase behaviour and decision making journey:


  • Part of the room defines you the most (%)

  • Drawing Room – 36%

  • Bedroom – 30%

  • Kitchen  - 16%

  • Temple – 10%

  • In the age of shrinking spaces, openness and spaciousness are considered as luxury and also equally important is to maintain a practical outlook towards having a convenient and organized space.

  • With growing kids in most families,  the outlook towards space revolved around kids’ needs -  kids are pivotal triggers to the process of reinventing space in most households

  • Windows is one of the most important aspect in defining a house and has a direct connection with the overall health and well-being of the house.

  • Large Sliding Doors & Windows are known and preferred for providing fresh air and ventilation. The breeze flowing through the windows helps in reducing stress levels and providing a positive/refreshing feeling.

  • ·Lack of sunlight and proper ventilation is a leading cause of health issues and depression.

  • Flooring is considered as a canvas, basis which the rest of the interiors is determined.

  • ·Apart from practical reasons, kitchen has an emotional connection, bringing about warm memories and emotions

  • Almost everyone discussed about the products at home, primarily with spouse.

  • Outside of home, primary source of influence is Architects/ID.

  • Online is becoming an increasing platform to search for home solutions.

“The mobile showcase will give a first-hand experience and demonstrates our engagement and expertise to Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants, Contractors, Craftsmen and Consumers. We want to build a long lasting, strong bond with them, through this initiative. The newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express and IMRB findings highlight that REHAU is well poised and ready to respond with appropriate solutions to bring its products closer to consumers and tap architects, who play an important role in decision making, outside homes.” said Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU South Asia.


Added Mr. Khurana, “We will be soon launching dealer centres in Gurgaon, Guwahati and Patna apart from the existing centres in Bangalore and Delhi to allow consumers to interact more closely with our brand. Over the next two years, this number will cross 70.”


“I am extremely pleased to see how REHAU is trying to establish itself as a brand that cares, demonstrating a strong commitment to be present across every consumer touch point. This is the need of the hour and will help to understand the product portfolio in an interactive and experiential platform.” said leading Architect, Mr. Manish Motwani, Chief Architect, RSP Group.


Most hi-end purchases is a joint decision and includes family recommendations. The decisions mostly end up in showroom visits where the customers can physically look and feel the product before finally buying it. REHAU’s Inspiration Express aims to reach out to the architects at their door step, at the same time, engaging consumers making this entire activity easier for our patrons and is built with the objective of ‘Go To Market approach’. It facilitates interaction of our products with the audiences, enabling them to get live experience and access to direct information, which forms the backbone of a long term relationship with them through an integrated campaign. The Inspiration Express includes a display of surface solutions, RAUCORD furniture, Roller Shutters, while the window and doors solutions include a range of uPVC windows, doors along with Radiant heating/cooling solutions & Plumbing pipes.


About REHAU India

REHAU is a German based company dedicated to beautify and enrich homes with innovative choices; REHAU prioritizes and delivers superior solutions all the way from product design, applications while providing great variety in terms of choices. Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading system and service provider for polymer-based solutions in windows, furniture & building industry. At more than 170 locations, nearly 20,000 employees in 54 countries contribute to the firm’s growth and success. REHAU continues to expand on six continents in order to operate as an on-site partner. REHAU's product range includes more than 40,000 different products. REHAU offers more than 18,000 different designs for surfaces used in the interior world. Each year, 1,000 new designs are added. This makes REHAU both a sought-after source of inspiration and a development partner for the polymer industry. 

Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express
Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express
Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express
Mr. Ajay Khurana, Chairman, REHAU, South Asia, with the newly launched REHAU Inspiration Express
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