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Retail Chains in Dairy Stand in Unison with World Animal Protection

Four companies agree to support the Better Dairy campaign and ask for ending cruelty towards dairy animals

Mar 03, 2020 15:38 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

In an unprecedented move, four retail companies have come forward to support the Better Dairy campaign of International animal welfare organisation - World Animal Protection.


The companies are - The Indian Coffee Workers’ Co-operative Society Ltd., Jabalpur and Delhi; Lansdowne Travel Trip Café, Uttarakhand and Mr Brown.


All these companies have several outlets in different corners of the country.


The Better Dairy campaign of World Animal Protection aims to shine a light on the unimaginable suffering faced by millions of cows and buffaloes in dairies residing inside cities.


We have taken this pledge to support World Animal Protection’s campaign because dairy animals should be protected by providing them better shelter (with comfortable bedding), good quality feed, pure drinking water, timely health care check-up and necessary vaccinations for all type of diseases,” said Mr. O K Rajagopalan, President, Indian Coffee Workers’ Co-operative Society Ltd., Jabalpur (M.P).


India is home to over 299 million cattle, 90 million of those live in urban and peri-urban areas.


An estimated 50 million dairy animals suffer every day in India. They are often confined to large dark rooms without windows or natural light, are permanently tied up (tethered) with barely any room to move, they lie in their own faeces all day without access to clean water, good quality feed or any healthcare.


World Animal Protection is working closely with dairy companies to ensure that milk is not sourced from such urban and peri-urban dairies. 


Over 535,110 dairy animals have received better welfare, following the efforts of World Animal Protection and the commitment made by nine dairy companies to improve the lives of these animals.


The support of such retail chains is essential in achieving our goal of high welfare of dairy animals. By giving their support and signing the pledge, these retail chains are wishing for a better life for dairy animals. The support of these retail companies and more like them will help us to put pressure on dairy companies to make the welfare of this dairy animals their priority,” said Mr. Gajender K Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection India.


Recent visits to Indian rural farms implementing the minimum dairy welfare requirements have realized a range of important benefits. Not only are their cows in good condition, loose housed, with continual access to water, comfortable bedding and shade but they are also producing more milk and are in better health.


With retail companies pledging their support to the campaign and wishing a better life for dairy animals, it is time for the dairy industry to sit up and take notice.


To know more about the Better Dairy campaign, and to pledge you support to end the suffering of dairy animals visit


Notes to editors

  • For more information about the Better Dairy Campaign, photos and videos or to arrange an interview please contact, Sahil Sharma on 9871444038 or email: [email protected]


The five minimum requirements as mentioned by World Animal Protection are:


  • Provide 24-hour access to clean water for all animals and access to good quality feed.

  • Provide access to shade, shelter and comfortable bedding for all animals.

  • No permanent tethering and access to a suitable outdoor area where animals can roam daily.

  • Provide adequate colostrum and health care to all dairy animals, including pain relief for painful procedures.

  • Provide good handling and develop a plan to manage unwanted animals - no abandonment

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