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Revolutionizing Legal Services in India for Startups and MSMEs: ContractBazar, the Trailblazing Platform Launched by Visionary Advocate Prerna Oberoi

Jan 30, 2024 16:34 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

In a groundbreaking development for India's business landscape, visionary Adv. Prerna has launched ContractBazar, a revolutionary platform aimed at empowering startups and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India. Rooted in Adv. Prerna's compelling legal odyssey and her unwavering dedication to mitigating litigation in India, ContractBazar emerges as a beacon of empowerment and innovation.


Adv. Prerna Oberoi, Founder of ContractBazar


On the launch of ContractBazar, Adv. Prerna Oberoi, Founder of ContractBazar said, “Embracing the dynamic shifts in the legal and market landscapes, we ventured into the realm of Legal Tech with Lex Mores Tech Pvt. Ltd. This avant-garde initiative focuses on disseminating knowledge about corporate law, particularly among startups and MSMEs. The culmination of this visionary endeavor is ContractBazar - a revolutionary platform designed to streamline proactive legal services through transparent pricing and standardization, tailor-made for the unique needs of startups and MSMEs. This platform is a game-changer, simplifying the journey of building resilient and strong businesses in India.”


Adv. Prerna's international experience, coupled with her insights gained on Indian soil, led to a profound realization: the criticality of legal awareness in business operations. This realization fuelled her mission to make startups and MSMEs aware of the importance of legal counsel from the inception of their ventures. Thus, Lex Mores, her brainchild, was born as a global law practice with the primary goal of empowering businesses with the legal insights necessary for building well-structured enterprises and reducing litigation in India.


The path to ContractBazar is a narrative of leveraging technology and empathy to render legal services more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible. Our innovative approach and experiences stand as a testament to the dedication to transforming the legal sector for the betterment of businesses in India. With the launch of ContractBazar, a significant stride has been made in our ongoing crusade for justice and empowerment,” added Ms. Oberoi.


Knowledge is not just power – it's empowerment! Once our nation, encompassing businesses, law students, and the very tools of our trade, fully embraces the power of proactive legal measures, we will be on the path to forging a stronger nation with significantly reduced litigation. It's about equipping every facet of businesses in our society with the understanding and capability to anticipate and navigate legal complexities, thereby fostering a more resilient, informed, and just India,” added Ms. Oberoi.


Adv. Prerna's legal journey began in India, where she encountered the challenges of a patriarchal society and recognized the importance of having a voice for justice. Her passion for advocacy and her desire to articulate herself intelligently led her to pursue a Master's in Law at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, in Toronto, Canada. This global perspective has been instrumental in her mission to deliver comprehensive legal solutions to clients across both developed and emerging economies.

Adv. Prerna Oberoi, Founder of ContractBazar
Adv. Prerna Oberoi, Founder of ContractBazar
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