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Rishihood University's Ashok Goel Library Announces International Conference on AI-Driven Advancements in Intellectual Property Rights & Knowledge Management

Oct 20, 2023 17:58 IST 
Sonipat, Haryana, India

Rishihood University announces a call for papers for the International Conference on AI-Driven Advancements in Research and Publications. Organised by Rishihood University’s Ashok Goel Library, the conference is scheduled to take place on December 01, 2023, The two-day conference is set to become a global hub for profound discussions on the synergy of AI, Intellectual Property Rights, Knowledge Management, Research, and more. Interested applicants can submit their papers till 30th October 2023.


In addition to academic discussions, the conference aims to stimulate public discourse and will host public lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions, inviting the general public to actively participate in the dialogue. Keynote speakers and panelists from esteemed institutions will share their perspectives on the future implications of AI and strategies to prepare for these developments.


Speaking in lieu of this occasion, Mr. Shobhit Mathur, Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University said, “The conference seeks to delve deep into the synergy of artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights, examining its dual impact-facilitating precise research while posing potential challenges to innovation. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI and IPR, this conference serves as a crucial platform for fostering innovation".


The conference offers an interdisciplinary platform for academia, researchers, and industry experts to exchange expertise in areas like AI and patent laws, AI's impact on research writing, AI's role in addressing plagiarism, copyright issues in libraries, AI and public policy, and the transformation of academic libraries by AI.


Expressing his excitement, Dr. Rama Nand Malviya, Librarian, Ashok Goel Library, Rishihood University stated, "This conference is not just about academic discourse but a step towards fostering a culture of innovation, while ensuring the ethical use of AI in research and publication. I am excited to be a part of the conference and I encourage intellectuals, scholars, and innovators alike to join this dialogue."


Rishihood University is inviting intellectuals, scholars, and innovators to submit their papers on one of the following themes:

  • Intellectual Property Rights in the AI Era - AI and patent laws, AI authorship and invention, Trademark considerations for AI technologies, Design IPR/ Patent in the age of Generative AI: Authorship and innovation

  • The Art of Research Writing in the AI Era - AI tools for research writing and publishing, Implications of AI on scholarly communication, AI's impact on academic authorship

  • Legal and Social Aspects of Plagiarism in the AI - Plagiarism detection using AI, The role of AI in academic integrity, AI-generated content and plagiarism, Environment

  • Copyright Issues in Libraries amidst AI Progress - Plagiarism detection using AI, The role of AI in academic integrity, AI-generated content and plagiarism

  • AI, IPR and Public Policy - Policy considerations for AI and IPR, The role of government in regulating AI and IPR

  • AI in Academic Libraries - The impact of AI on library services and management, Role of AI in transforming user experience in libraries


Information on how to submit papers can be found here, Link -

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