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Sany Bharat Swoons Crowd at BAUMA CONEXPO

Launched new product line specially designed to suit Indian requirements

Feb 03, 2023 17:53 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Sany Bharat demonstrated its product strength and versatility at the ongoing BAUMA CONEXPO in Greater Noida. In one of the biggest display of the exhibition, Sany Bharat has exhibited around 21 machines for various infrastructure related applications such as excavation, hoisting, mining, deep foundation along with road and port equipment. 12 new machines have been launched by Sany Bharat in this exhibition. Sany Bharat has announced a completely new product vertical that will offer road equipment to Indian road contractors. The company is also celebrating a major milestone of manufacturing and supplying of 25,000 equipment at various infrastructure development projects across the country. Visitors to this expo got a sneak peek of these newly launched machines that come with Sany’s technologically advanced design, ease of operations and reliability. Due to its resolute growth coupled with the trust placed by the customers and stakeholders, Sany Bharat now manufactures more than 50 construction equipment machines at its factory in Chakan, Pune. It will continue to expand the product offerings in 2023 as well with focus on automation, sustainability and quality.


Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO


Speaking on the momentous occasion, Mr. Deepak Garg, Managing Director, Sany Bharat and South Asia said, “It was an exhilarating moment to launch our products at a popular expo like Bauma. Like always, we expected a great response and, true to our belief, we saw many product enquiries turning into sales at the venue itself. The eclectic crowd at this event helped us in forging new business ties and expand our customer base.” Speaking about the product launch, he said, “The new product range showcases our manufacturing strength and technological expertise, which will translate into enhanced productivity and profitability for our customers. By staying true to our mission of quality changes the world, these models are specially created for the Indian market.”


Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO


First impression of the following machines was made available at Bauma CONEXPO this year:

SPR 260: Introducing Sany Bharat’s first pneumatic tire roller SPR260C, which is used for final asphalt layer to give smooth mat finish. Our SPR260 is equipped with powerful engine andis unique in its application due to 9 tire configuration which endows it with max rolling width and automatic tire inflation system.


SLB1500X8E: Introducing Sany Bharat’s first of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant with capacity of 120 Ton/hr. Asphalt Batch plant is used for producing superior quality mix for world class asphalt roads in batches. Itis designed with global standard make in India model to provide asphalt production covering all types of roads.


SAP100C-10: Introducing Sany Bharat’s first Track Paver. Track Paver is used to pave asphalt road and give a smooth mat finish. Our SAP100C-10 paver can pave up to 10.2 mtr road at one go. With complete auto levelling system, it gives unmatched smooth road finish and can be widely used for Expressway, NHAI,SH and PWD roads.


SCM2000C-8S: Introducing Sany Bharat’s first Track Cold miller. Cold miller is widely used in maintenance of roads for milling up old layer to repair and it can easily mill road up to 2 mtr width at a go and mostly applicable for higher milling volume. Equipped with a powerful engine, it can easily mill any strata and itsdust removal system prevents dust from leaking to environment. It is loaded with fully automatic levelling system requiring less human interference.


SY20U - SANY's 2Ton micro mini excavator with zero tail swing, boom offset & swing features that makes it more adaptable in compact spaces. Highly efficient & powerful engine with advance load sensing hydraulic system leads to high fuel efficiency & productivity.


SY60C-10 - SANY's fully upgraded new generation 6-ton compact excavator equipped with fuel efficient engine for maximum output. Keyless engine ignition, screen touch display & high-grade cabin features make this model more premium within the segment.


SY215C-9 SPARC - Get ready for SANY's new SPARC series excavator which contributes to accelerate your profitability. Improved fuel efficiency, excellent operator comfort & advanced safety features makes this machine more productive & safer.


STG140C-10 - SANY's CEV-IV Motor Grader, equipped with Fuel Efficient, Powerful & Reliable Engine for higher customer savings. This machine offers excellent versatility in compact & narrow road sites with enhanced performance. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of customers who are looking for high profitability, more fuel efficiency, high performance &low operating cost.


STC1600T7- This truck crane is developed specially for taxi jobs across country. It has a maximum lifting moment and is equipped with a sophisticatedtelescopic boom and it is designed in such a way that it meets all the major application requirements from a mobile crane in segments like refineries, bridges, metro, cement, steel etc.It is also equipped with MachineLink+ telematics package to give customers full control of their crane and help them in effective fleet management.


SR235MIII - This is a Multi-Function Convenient Switching rotary drilling rig with 4 drilling modes making it one of the most versatile drilling rig in the country and can be considered as the first-of-its-kind introduced by any OEM in the country.


SR235DW - Based on the most popular rig in its class, it’s versatility makes it one of the fastest diaphragm wall (DW) grabbing machine in the country, with a maximum grabbing depth of up to 35m and drilling depth of up to 73m. It gives give excellent productivity in variety of soil stratas.


SD390 - The brand new SANY SD390 is a powerful pullback force horizontal directional drill (HDD) machine designed especially for India. It’sdesigned to lay underground cables and pipes in municipal engineering, such as water supply, electricity, city gas distribution and telecom. It is suitable for all geological conditions, such as soil, soft rock and hard rock layers. The SANY SD390 features high torque, fast speed, fully automatic drill rod loader, high efficiency, touch screen HMI console & sophisticated telematics to give Indian customer the best Return on Investment.

Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO
Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO
Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO
Sany Bharat launches new machines at bauma CONEXPO
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