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Senn Productions’ Launched Trailer of 'Paharganj - The Little Amsterdam of India' Today

Mar 14, 2019   16:22 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The countdown has begun for the Paharganj - The little Amsterdam of India’s release after the poster of the movie was released on 12 th March. Movie trailer launched today after trending on twitter, IMDb as one of the most anticipated movies in recent times.


 Paharganj - The Little Amsterdam Poster


The music of the movie was released digitally by Sony Music India and ‘Kyun Dil Mera’ by Mohit Chauhan and the title track garnered 5.5+ million views on YouTube alone. The songs are streaming on all the music platforms.


Paharganj Official Trailer



To watch the trailer, please click


The trailer begins with things looking dark for Laura Costa while she deals with the missing case of her love Robert. As she begins her search in the lanes of Paharganj, she declares that “the place is complicated.” She adds that, “I will never be able to find you like this.


In parallel, there is a telling shot of police dealing with a murder declaring that the suspects belong to a part of international hippie conspiracy. Another shot shows the police decoding Robert’s last known location. While another shows Tomar being accused of threatening to kill Robert while Tomar laughs maniacally. Is Robert Alive or is he the murder victim?


I will not leave India without Robert,” says Laura as the trailer ends. Will Laura find him despite being misled in the twisted lanes with their forbidden stories.


The trailer looks up and coming with the promise of ‘Expect the unexpected’. Witness the mystery unfold on April 12 in cinemas near you.


About Senn Productions

Started in the year 2014, ‘Senn Productions’ was born with a progressive approach. It is largely known for its meaningful content and profound style of working in the entertainment industry. "Senn Productions forthcoming film titled Paharganj, Directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, is path breaking and will be loved for its eccentric characters and script," says Prakash Bhagat the producer of the film and Founder-director of Senn Productions. The film has been shot in an uncanny and bizarre place located in the centre of Delhi called Paharganj. Lorena Franco, a Spanish actress is playing the lead role in it. ‘Paharganj’ is their first venture in the Bollywood.


 Paharganj - The Little Amsterdam Poster
Paharganj - The Little Amsterdam Poster

Paharganj Official Trailer
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