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ShaadiWish Launches The Promise – The Post Wedding Photoshoot Where a Couple Relive their 38 Years in 7 Frames

Sep 13, 2017   13:17 IST 
Mumbai | Delhi, India

In a world where pre wedding photoshoot has become the norm, conceptualised this to capture raw and unadulterated moments with a couple who has spent a lifetime together. The true reflection of everlasting love. They went to Instagram and found the cutest nana nani ever through two dozen beautiful entries and tried to frame the magical life they have lived in just seven frames. Every frame a promise, a little tribute to treasured memories of a life absolutely cherished.





What we love about the shoot is the honest charm of it all. This is no destination wedding, no Bollywood designer bride or a suave farmhouse in Italy but as you scroll through these humble images of a home you will feel a contagious happy mush that only true love can bring.


“We came up with this post wedding photoshoot concept to start a small disruption hopefully in the same kind of wedding content we are seeing from more than a decade now. As much as we love young couples taking beautiful pictures in an Udaipur palace we believe every wedding vendor should create something original and try to tap into a new trend without always following one. That’s where we come in, we don’t promote the content already made in the same 4 ways for everyone, we create unique aspirational campaigns and market the people we collab with and not ourselves the way it has been happening in this category.” said Divyata Shergill Founder, ShaadiWish.


The couple Arun & Shachi were arranged by destiny in Jaipur and we love the way she drapes that Ekaya Banaras saree and the magic touch of OurWeddingChapter specially in the shot where these two adorably cute veterans are jumping in the bed like two teenagers in love. The first dance in a club in Colombo, the first movie in Regal, the unbroken morning tea ritual of 3 decades... Ah the ecstasy to have these moments carved in time, framed with love; a gentle inspiration for your grandchildren. That's the true legacy of love & celebration of marriage.


Go ahead have a look, this might just make your week a tad bit happier and make you believe in that fairy tales exist even in 2017. After all as they say, if you want to truly know about love, ask someone with a lifetime of experience


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