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Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd.

Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd. are Expected to Achieve a Turnover of INR 1000 Cr. by 2025

Aug 08, 2022 17:18 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd. (STLPL), a company focused on water storage and water management solutions has invested in creating capacity to supply 4000+ tanks per annum from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Kalyan, Maharashtra. With this the company is set to achieve a turnover of INR 1000 Cr. by 2025.

Tanks by Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd.

Started by a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Sunil Uplap, STLPL today has evolved into a strong international player in its chosen lines of business. The company is poised at inflection point with the zincalume steel bolted liner tanks market waiting to explode. STLPL is the pioneer in bringing the bolted steel with liner tank technology into India. STLPL has extensively worked in popularising the technology and proving the durability and suitability of these tanks in the Indian market. They are the first company to put tanks as part of prestigious Jal Jeevan Mission project in India and have supported Kerala Water Authority by organising storage capacity of approx 16 lacs litres at Sabarimala shrine within 45 days. They have also installed approx 80 lacs litre single location storage facility in Rajasthan. STLPL puts a major emphasis on their customer service and their 350+ satisfied customers are a testament to that. 


Speaking about the Vision of the company, Mr. Sumit Raina, CEO of STLPL said, “Our Aim is to help provide drinking water to every household of India and we believe that we still have miles to go before we sleep. We plan to be an INR 1000 Crore enterprise by 2025 by providing a wide range of innovative, reliable Liquid Storage and STP Solutions while continuing to be a Trusted Partner to all our Stakeholders. At STLPL, we believe that we are in the business of providing solutions to our clients, not selling a product. Hence the approach is to understand the clients needs and guide them towards the most relevant solution. We believe in uncompromising quality standards where products and services are concerned. One of our organisational values is - First Time, right. We believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment for the future generation and hence every single decision and activity is undertaken keeping the environment in mind and ensuring long term sustainability and going Green.”


The Mission of the brand is Honesty in all their dealings towards all stakeholders - employees, customers and vendors by following all stated and unstated laws, good practices, rules and regulations. They believe in taking ownership and being accountable to what “I do and speak”. Ownership and commitments will not be delegated to anyone else. STLPL stands for Doing- First Time Right and consistently follow and improve upon the established standards, systems and processes to create World class products and services providing real value for money.

The brand’s commitment can be understood by a small case study. Due to floods all water storage facilities were damaged in Kerala. With the annual Sabarimala pilgrimage starting from Nov 16th, KWA only had 45 days to make drinking water storage available for lakhs of pilgrims. The brand stepped up and helped create 16 lakhs litre of drinking water storage within 45 days to ensure no pilgrims were affected due to lack of water. They provided 9 water storage tanks to remote tribal villages in Thane district through Rotary International.


Such kinds of customer service are what makes the brand stand out as compared to its competitors.


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About Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd.

Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd., part of 20-year-old Shubham Group is a company focused on water storage and water management solutions. STLPL manufacturers the highest quality Zincalume/Galvalume Steel Bolted panel tanks with Liner in India under technical collaboration with Kingspan Water & Energy. Australia and are exclusively responsible for promoting the Kingspan Rhino Tanks in the Indian sub-continent. Kingspan group is the global leader for this type of tank and also exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. With production facilities in Australia and India, Kingspan Rhino Tanks has been manufacturing bolted-panel liner tanks to certified Australian and American Standards for over twenty-five years.

Tanks by Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd.
Tanks by Shubham Tanks and Liners Pvt. Ltd.
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