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Simplified Launches Free Flow AI Writer

Improve your writing workflow by telling the AI exactly what you want to be written, no templates, commands or modes are required

Apr 06, 2022 12:32 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The one app for modern marketers, Simplified, has announced that it will be launching Free Flow - a first-of-its-kind streamlined AI writer that improves user workflows by eliminating the need for specific templates, commands or recipes to generate outputs.


40 AI writing templates Simplified


Simplified is an all-in-one marketing platform that lets modern marketing teams & creators use AI to write marketing copy, design, create videos, collaborate, and publish to socials - all in the same place.


Over the past year, they’re one platform that’s been pushing the envelope forward on what it means to market while saving time and maximizing efficiency. All of this is done through a seamless online experience that acts as an all-in-one app to help marketing teams create, collaborate and scale faster.


Our vision is to build space so you can do more with less, work together, and unleash your creativity,” says Simplified CEO KD Deshpande. “Writing is a creative process and an integral part of modern marketing teams. It's a way to connect with your customers and relate to your audience. When we started building Simplified, our goal was to keep it simple and part of your daily workflow.”


Modern writers and creators are looking for faster writing workflows. Simplified Video, Design and other creative products launched earlier this year prompted the development of Free Flow, the first AI writer that doesn’t require templates, recipes, or modes. This software makes it easy to quickly generate outputs, ideas, ads, and even song lyrics in a few seconds! With Free Flow, you just write what you want the AI to generate in plain English, and the outputs appear in seconds - without having to stop to choose different settings.


There is no limit to what copy Free Flow can generate. Users can write everything from entire blogs to emails in minutes, generate product descriptions, ads, and even song lyrics in a few seconds! Then, they can easily shift to another area within the same tool, create their social media campaign, and publish it.


This ease of mobility is what drives the needle forward in the progressive and ever-changing landscape of modern marketing. As the aftershock of the pandemic continues to level out, and the popularity of remote work continues to rise, users are looking for simpler ways to connect, share and grow. Simplified has a track record of anticipating its users’ needs before they even voice them. As the world continues to change, brands and marketing teams will likely be looking for more ways to make their jobs and lives a bit easier. Simplified is one company leading the way in creating simpler workflows to enhance productivity for their users.

40 AI writing templates Simplified
40 AI writing templates Simplified
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