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Simpolo Ceramics Contributes Rs. 50 Lakhs to Help Fight the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 03, 2020 13:23 IST 
Gujarat, India

COVID-19 has taken all of us by surprise. It is a crisis that no nation would have expected to face. And probably it is very unlikely that we face such a crisis in the future as well. But COVID has taught us to be sensitive about our surroundings and also be very careful about cleanliness.


Jitendra Aghara, CMD of Simpolo Ceramics

By now we must have learnt to change our outlook and approach to life. The 21-day lockdown instructed by our honourable PM Narendra Modi encourages each and every citizen of our country to do their bit to end this pandemic by simply staying home.

When it comes to the nation’s safety, Simpolo Ceramics is never behind in playing the role of a responsible corporate citizen. No wonder, it didn’t take much time and announced its contribution of Rs. 50 lakhs to PM & CM Care funds to fight the COVID menace and help bring the country to normalcy.

As Jitendra Aghara, CMD of Simpolo Ceramics, puts it, “We feel privileged to be able to contribute to the safety of our country. These are testing times. But we all need to stick together to help the nation overcome this catastrophe. It is a crisis like this that expects all of us to play our part effectively in whatever way possible to bring the country back to normalcy sooner.”

Elaborating further, Bharat Aghara, CMO of Simpolo Ceramics mentioned, “We have over 3500 workers and all of them are stationed in Morbi. We have arranged for food and essential supplies for over 2k employee families already for the next one month. Taking care of our employees and workers is the least we can do during such a crisis and we will continue to do as the situation demands.”

More and more organizations are coming forward in helping the nation battle this crisis effectively. The lockdown has been very essential to control the spread of the virus.

Simpolo Ceramics is continuously requesting all its stakeholders and the citizens of the country to stay indoors and help the Govt fight off this menace.

As they say, come what may, we shall overcome this crisis and the future is surely ours.

Jitendra Aghara, CMD of Simpolo Ceramics
Jitendra Aghara, CMD of Simpolo Ceramics
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