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Socomec Launches 24/7 UPS Remote Monitoring Link-UPS for Uninterrupted Customer Service

May 05, 2020 15:47 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Global power management expert, Socomec, today launched Link-UPS, a 24/7 UPS remote monitoring solution to assure the business and operation continuity of its customers to support during remote working environment.


24x7 UPS Remote Monitoring Link-UPS


Moving to smart connected services

The increasing demand for high quality energy – supplying Data Centres and other critical infrastructure – makes the UPS one of the most vital elements of the electrical architecture. Although reliability is engineered-in, UPS equipment is not impervious to unforeseen eventualities with the potential to negatively impact performance and, ultimately, business continuity – but by monitoring the UPS 24/7, and anticipating problems before they arise, it is possible to carry out rapid repairs and maintain continuity of operation.


A New smart approach

Socomec has harnessed the power of the latest digital smart technologies to improve support services. New IoT resources now enable the UPS, end-user and Socomec experts to be connected with unprecedented speed and transparency. By integrating smart technology within an electrical infrastructure, our innovative services enable the continuous monitoring of UPS parameters. Faults can be prevented before they take hold, and, if an anomaly occurs, proactive actions can be initiated without waiting for the end-user’s call.


Link-UPS – 24x7 remote monitoring

Keeping systems up and running means detecting issues before they arise - but if an unforeseen problem does occur, then the ability to react quickly, and reduce the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), can make a world of difference.


Thanks to the Link-UPS service, Socomec can identify and carry out a range of remote fixes - without being physically in front of the equipment. If, however, an on-site intervention is necessary, a Socomec engineer will be deployed immediately along with the pre-diagnostic brief and any spare parts that might be required. This approach will enable Socomec to reduce the risk of downtime significantly; saving time as well as human and financial resources – every step of the way.


Restoring UPS systems in record time

  • In the event of any type of anomaly, the UPS system will instantly notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre, when the UPS operating parameters fall outside the permitted range - providing it’s customers with a permanent and direct connection to Socomec’s expert technical team.

  • A specialist Socomec engineer will carry out a diagnostic check by remotely accessing the parameter dashboard and will be able to recommend the preventive action, to anticipate the occurrence of anomalies.

  • To improve the performance in future, Socomec experts will provide a periodic UPS health-check report with recommendations to improve overall system availability. Data including event statistics, trend analysis, technical recommendations.


Minimizing overall cost and delays

By taking a more vigilant approach to monitoring and management, it is possible to prevent the problem occurrence, increase the system availability by reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and reduce the cost of downtime.


Link-UPS is one of the services included in a Socomec Maintenance Contract. When the application is critical, the customers can be assured of immediate and expert attention via Link-UPS, ensuring the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to their needs.


For more information about Link-UPS, please visit


Speaking at the launch Mr. Sushil Virmani said, “Socomec has taken multiple initiatives and puts in place necessary measures to adapt the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to navigate the uncertain times and to continue the business activity, Socomec is quickly adapting to the evolution in demand, aiming for operation continuity and introducing remote monitoring of UPS 24/7 through Link-UPS. We are confident that our customers will be benefited out of this new initiative.”


Further to this, he also added, “In these trying times, our commitment to serving our customers remains intact. Our expert services team members are remain mobilized in the field to serve essential and critical customers power management needs, particularly in the battle against COVID-19. We respect our experts contributions, who are working tirelessly to ensure our customers operations uninterrupted.”


About Socomec

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3600 experts spread over 28 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks serving our customers’ power performance.

24x7 UPS Remote Monitoring Link-UPS
24x7 UPS Remote Monitoring Link-UPS
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