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StreamKar Launches a Language Filter for its Audience

Jun 28, 2022 16:50 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

When individuals get the liberty to get their voice out on social media or a live streaming platform like StreamKar, a certain level of judiciousness is expected from them and their content. Influencers and content creators are held in high esteem, and so is their ability to climb up the ladder of social success after producing quality content. However, if their videos humiliated any section of the audience, then their popularity would have been nipped in the bud. This is where the Indian-based live streaming application StreamKar comes in with a set of guidelines to protect a tightly knit massive virtual community.


Streamkar App: Now with the new language filter feature


The power of language and language filters

Envisioned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, StreamKar also receives investments from the leading U.S. - based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited. This application has won over the desi international audience owing to its availability in various languages, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, and the like. This stands as a testimony to the app’s 50 million-plus downloads on the Google Play Store. As soon as a user opens the application, they are asked to choose a language in which they are comfortable. StreamKar’s reach into the country’s deep pockets has made the linguistic boundaries porous. Besides this language filter which enables users to have a seamless conversation with influencers and other fellow users, applications also introduce profanity filters to maintain civility, thereby preventing user abuse.


Importance of language and profanity filters

Social media and streaming platforms are immediate modes of communication. Thus, vetting each response, stream, chat message, and comment is a herculean task. This pushes the need to have a high-quality language and profanity filter to moderate user behaviour. Monitoring user-generated content is important to gain public approval or to list your app on Android’s Google Play Store or Apple’s iOS App Store. However, it is essential to convert the application into a haven for users. Adopting this measure would guarantee to multiply the number of visitors or users that subscribe to the application and increase daily streaming sessions and session lengths by a great extent.


Negative comments curdling into a toxic virtual environment

On apps like StreamKar, overcoming a mountain of hesitation takes courage to broadcast one’s talents and skills. If the videos, made out of an individual’s hard work and sweat, get defamatory, discriminatory, and hostile backlash, it could shake their confidence. Hate speeches on religion, caste, race, gender, sexual orientation, colour and national or ethnic origin are insensitive.They can also lead to trauma, depression, stress, and anxiety - mental health indicators that are hard to recover from. 


Live streaming apps can lead by example

Therefore, it is an app’s moral responsibility to prioritise customers and uphold their integrity. Public forums should ideally maintain a positive environment where influencers can thrive. Users can get entertained instead of becoming victims of phishing or getting stuck in the vortex of lewd and derogatory comments. Installing a profanity filter ensures productive conversations where everyone respects one another. Since live streaming apps cater to large demographics, profanity needs to be filtered actively to deliver a family-friendly user experience.


Although profanity and language filters are not the end-all-be-all solutions, they significantly reduce toxic interactions and offensive content while providing an inclusive internet experience, especially to the vulnerable sections of society.

Streamkar App: Now with the new language filter feature
Streamkar App: Now with the new language filter feature
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