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Superplum's Traceable Agriculture Supply Chain Enables Consumers to Connect with Farmers Who Grow their Fruits

Feb 08, 2023 12:47 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Superplum, an agritech startup based out of Noida, recently launched a unique feature that allows consumers to scan a QR code and pay a bonus to the farmer who has grown the food they are eating. Consumers can already view pesticide test reports for Superplum fruits and see the actual farm where their fruits were grown.

Superplum connecting consumers with farmers


All this is possible due to the company’s fully digitized and traceable supply chain that tracks every pack that the consumer receives. Superplum’s end-to-end digitized platform allows granular quality control and analysis of all products. The company works across 20 states and delivers over 20 fruits from the farm to retail stores.


Shobhit Gupta, the CEO of Superplum, says, “From the outset, our system has been designed to benefit both consumers by getting better quality fruits and farmers by getting them a better share of consumer spending. We also work with farmers and support them to grow high-quality, safe fruits and reduce wastage through investment in cutting-edge technology and an innovative cold chain. If you love the fruits you are eating, it’s now easy to show your appreciation.”


About Superplum

With a promise to deliver safe-to-eat fruits, Superplum employs science and technology to increase the shelf life of the range of fruits they put on your platter through a proprietary multi-faceted approach. Without hiring expensive air transport, the company has been able to improve the shelf life of fruits and make them available across the country. This has been possible due to their unique IoT-drive Fresherator, a cold chain transport system that carries the fruit in an environment that can be remotely monitored and controlled. The company works with farmers across the country to ensure product quality right from the source. Their fruits are delivered to over 500 stores in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, including Spar, Lulu Hypermarket, and Star Bazaar, among other local retail shops. With a fully digitized system, each product is traceable from the farm to the consumer via a QR code seamlessly integrated into their vibrant packaging.

Superplum connecting consumers with farmers
Superplum connecting consumers with farmers
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