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Tealfeed Launches their Creators' Program with 100 Global Writers; Introduces Beta Monetisation for Creators on the Platform

Tealfeed Creators’ Program is an exclusive program designed to work closely with content creators and help them monetize their content and expertise, build their personal brand and network with content experts

Nov 03, 2022 14:06 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tealfeed, a knowledge-sharing platform and home to thousands of writers, has launched their first ever Creators’ Program and has onboarded 100 global writers. Under this program, the platform will be working closely with these creators to build their personal brand, network with experts, and monetise their content.  

Tealfeed Creators' Program - Introducing our first batch of 100 creators

Tealfeed’s Creators’ Program offers various options such as monetized rewards, networking with global creators, exclusive mentorship and an opportunity to grow their brand. The Creators’ program boasts of industry experts from various backgrounds, including fintech, marketing, personal branding, technology, and much more. Through the Creators’ Program, Tealfeed aims to understand the creators individually, identify their pinpoints and entry barriers, provide them with the right set of technical, content, and community guidance, and work closely with them in building an authentic relationship with their audience. 

Tealfeed kicked-off their first session of the Creators’ Program on October 15 and invited all the creators for an exclusive meet-up to start the proceedings. Mr. Vargab Bakshi, Founding Member of Spotify India and current VP and Country Head of Wix India, was keynote speaker and shared his learnings and experiences with the creators of the program.

“We are going to provide people with an option to subscribe directly to these 100 creators, thereby providing these creators with a chance to make sure that whatever they are posting is reaching their audience every time. Sometimes, creators keep wondering if their content is reaching their subscribers and followers, and with Tealfeed, we want to take all the confusion out of the way. From a reader’s standpoint, it gives them more control over what kind of content they would consciously choose to consume content,” Rohit Garg, CEO of Tealfeed.

Visit this link to learn more about Tealfeed Creators’ Program and the creators who are selected for the first batch

About Tealfeed

Founded in 2021, Tealfeed is a knowledge sharing platform which helps creators to monetise their content. Tealfeed is on a mission to solve the core problem of creators who find it difficult to monetise their content and expertise. Greater the motivation and incentives for people to share valuable content, higher the chances of readers being served with insightful and valuable content, thereby leading to an empowering knowledge sharing community where people can learn from one another. Tealfeed aims to help people make a better use of their time on the internet and empower creators via a one-stop platform where they can build their audience, monetise content, launch newsletters, and can have more personalised interactions with their audience.

Tealfeed Creators' Program - Introducing our first batch of 100 creators
Tealfeed Creators' Program - Introducing our first batch of 100 creators
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