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The Good Old 'Champi' Makes its Way Back into Indian Homes During the Nationwide Lockdown

TV stars bond with their loved ones over a fun champi session with Parachute Advansed

May 08, 2020 16:12 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Champi’, the most common name for an Indian head massage has been a very personal and comforting practise passed down generations in this country. Everyone at some point in their lives have had an elder family member indulging them in a relaxing champi session. The COVID-19 outbreak has found all of us rearranging our lives like never before. While most of us have been working from our homes, it is needless to say that we all need to indulge in some self-care. Regular oil massages help to keep the scalp healthy, nourish the hair and improve dry and damaged hair.


Our good old champi is not only a calming activity that stimulates blood circulation and distresses the mind but is also a special way to bond with your loved ones. This lockdown has witnessed the practise of champi making its way back into the hair care routines of many Indian families.


Parachute Advansed has always been synonymous to coconut hair-oil and therefore, inseparable from the idea of champi. Recently, Parachute Advansed Hot Oil hosted a #ChampiBeats challenge on Tik Tok that saw renowned TV celebrities such as Bharti Singh, Anita Hassanandani, Hina Khan and Deepika Singh as well as a host of trending Tik Tok influencers participating in a quick 15 seconds champi with their loved ones at home. For the Tik Tok campaign, Parachute Advansed created a peppy track basis which the celebrities and influencers indulged in giving a champi where the massage technique changed with the rhythm of the music every 5 seconds. The #ChampiBeats Challenge gained virality soon after it went live on social media resulting in a whopping 8 Billion+ views and over 11K versions of the video created and posted by consumers.


Hina Khan - #ChampiBeats


Reminiscing her champi experience, Indian television actress Hina Khan said, “As a kid, it was a weekly ritual to get a coconut hair oil champi to keep my hair healthy and shiny. My father would give me a nice hot oil champi over the weekend which I always looked forward to. Over the years, as I got busier with work, our ritual was lost somewhere. However, with the current lockdown situation we are all learning to make the most of our free time. Our champi ritual has been revived and while it most certainly makes me feel relaxed and calm, I also get to sit down and bond with him!”


Bharti Singh - #ChampiBeats


Indian stand-up comedian Bharti Singh said, “Haarsh and I have been making the most of this lockdown now that we get more time at home together. We have both decided to take this time to nourish and nurture ourselves. While I’ve been following a regular skincare ritual, Haarsh and I have decided to add a quick coconut hair oil champi to our routine as well. We talk, laugh and bond over every champi session and I hope we can continue these sessions post lockdown as well.”


Please click the links to view #ChampiBeats Tiktok videos of Hina Khan - and
Bharti Singh -

Hina Khan - #ChampiBeats
Hina Khan - #ChampiBeats
Bharti Singh - #ChampiBeats
Bharti Singh - #ChampiBeats
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