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The Pune Chapter of the Bloggers Alliance Launched and Badal Saboo Appointed as the President at the Face of India 2022

Sep 03, 2022 15:57 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

The dawn of the new era of the digital world and keeping pace with the latest social trends by constantly offering something creative and new for Fashion explorers to experience; Pune Fashion Week & BAES chose to proudly announce the launch of the Pune Chapter of the Bloggers Alliance during the recently organized International Beauty Hunt competition viz. Face of India 2022.


 L to R - Dr. Amit Nagpal, Badal Saboo and Devendra Jaiswal


Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dr. Amit Nagpal, President and Co-founder of BAES, stated, “We look forward to inspiring, training & supporting the bloggers of Maharashtra, beginning with Pune, Queen of Deccan, under the leadership of Badal Saboo.”


The most happening fashionable career of recent times and the sensation to continue for quite some time now is blogging. Like any other career, blogging is shaping up to be a full-time career for many who want to break out of streamlined careers. Devendra Jaiswal, Secretary and Co-founder of BAES, further added, “Pune is one of the leading hubs of fashion, higher education, IT and automobile sectors in India. These sectors are also popular among bloggers and hence Pune chapter will be one of the focus chapters of Bloggers Alliance.”


On being appointed as the President of the Pune Chapter of BAES, Badal Saboo mentioned, “With the exponential growth and impact that our Blogger community and Social Influencers have in our ever-connected lives; through our Pune Chapter activities I aim at providing a value-added platform for bloggers to be able to share best practices, brand themselves to be able to monetize and create sustainable value, get recognized and published and taking on Leadership roles for a better socioeconomic impact.”


Brief Introduction

Bloggers Alliance Education Society (BAES) is a National association of bloggers established in 2019 as a not-for-profit society with the following agenda


  • To promote the recognition of blogging as a profession
  • To promote the potentialities of blogging as a tool for social change



To empower bloggers in becoming national/global influencers and change makers by supporting them in optimizing the power of blogging.



To serve the blogging community by providing training, coaching, networking, branding and other opportunities required for professional success and support them in creating social change.

Face of India is one of the most eagerly awaited, National Beauty hunt competitions that is organized by Pune Fashion Week, having successfully completed 6 seasons, supported by the Asia Model Festival.

This event is aimed at promoting cultures between 27 participating Asian countries and is actively sponsored by the Ministry of Cultures & Tourism, Korea.

Mr. Badal Saboo, Founder of Pune Fashion Week and Organizing Committee member at Asia Model Festival, is the Chairman of Face of India.

 L to R - Dr. Amit Nagpal, Badal Saboo and Devendra Jaiswal
L to R - Dr. Amit Nagpal, Badal Saboo and Devendra Jaiswal
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