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TiE Bangalore Announces Initiatives to Support Indian Deeptech Startups at its Flagship Matrix 2022 Summit

May 26, 2022 13:03 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Launches Special Interest Group to help Semiconductor Startups grow and scale.

  • The Agritech Special Interest Group of The TiE Matrix Forum has launched a series of initiatives.

  • The IoT Matrix Forum Community members unveil key milestone achievements at Matrix 2022.

TiE Bangalore chapter, established in 1999, successfully concluded its flagship Annual conference - Matrix 2022. The conference witnessed participation from over 3000+ attendees, keynote addresses and panel discussions by a power-packed line-up of speakers. TiE Bangalore also announced winners of the prestigious Matrix 2022 Startup Awards. 


Key Highlights

The erstwhile IoT Forum has now been rechristened as Matrix Forum to focus on next gen Matrix technologies such as IoT, computing, AI, AR/VR, Web3/Metaverse, 5G and beyond. Originally started as a Thinktank for IoT in 2014, the Matrix Forum has grown to be 15 SIGs, 100+ volunteers, 2500+ startups, 25000+ members. The forum organises regular deep dives on various topics, meetups and events, thought leadership, engaging the startups, investors, mentors, partners customers etc. - all to help Indian startups grow and scale.


Launch of a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to guide Semiconductor Startups: Matrix Forum (erstwhile IoTForum), TiE Bangalore launched a new Special Interest Group for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to help Semiconductor and embedded startups reach their next level of growth through focused mentoring and pathways for availing DLI/PLI incentives provided by government for Make in India. This Special Interest Group was created under Matrix Forum and its leader Mr Somasundaram - MD, Finixel Technologies - to address the needs of Start-Ups in the Indian Semiconductor Sector. The DFM SIG will collaborate with accelerators and incubators that specialize in semiconductors and embedded electronics. Sanjeev Keskar, former President of the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) and Arrow Electronics is the Champion Mentor for DFM - Semiconductors. He has been ably supported by Domain Experts who will mentor the startups - Vivek Saxena, former Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of BLR Labs and Narasimha Murthy, Director of Quality Management and Global SWQM Center of Competency at Infineon Technologies, and Anantha Kinn. The Agritech Special Interest Group of The Matrix Forum has launched a series of initiatives:


  • Collaboration South - South Galaxy: across India, Africa, SE Asia

  • Building up FPO Value chain to strengthen FPOs, Digitization etc.

The Agritech SIG is headed by leaders Ashok Meda, Co-founder Krishi Kalpa, Manoj Kumar, Founder Social Alpha, Hemendra Mathur, Venture Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund Kishor Jagirdar, Vision Karnataka Foundation.

Announcements by startups of Matrix Forum Community, all unveiled first at the Matrix Global Summit 2022!

A5G Networks Receives Investment from Bharat Innovation Fund: A5G Networks, a global leader in autonomous and distributed mobile core networks for 5G, announced today that it has received investment from India's leading deep tech venture capital firm, Bharat Innovation Fund (BIF). This round of financing will be used to expand the team, engage with global customers for mobile network transformation and accelerate growth. The vision of A5G Networks is to enable and catalyze the upcoming transition to distributed and autonomous mobile network of networks for 5G and beyond. Its unique IP helps realize significant savings in capital and operating expenditures, reduces energy requirements, improves quality of user experience, and catalyze adoption of new business models. A5G Networks will enable deployment of enterprise private networks, connected car networks, new public mobile networks and play a pivotal role in upcoming smart city projects.


Bullieverse, a fantasy Metaverse island, released their first web3 game Bear Hunt based on Bulliever Island, a 3-mile-long island traditionally inhabited by bulls. The game is based in Bulliever Island which is a 3 mile Long Island traditionally occupied by the bulls. It revolves around Bulls that have lost their home territory to the bears. The Bulls fight their way back to win their home land from the clasp of the bears.


Astrome Launches world’s first multi-link E-Band Radio: Indian deep-tech start-up Astrome Technologies, incubated at IISc Bangalore, unveiled GigaMesh - the world’s first multi-link E-Band Radio. This product will revolutionize the deployment of wireless backhaul in Rural Broadband and Defence communications markets in India and the world. GigaMesh is an E-band radio, with Multiple-Point-to-Point (Multi-P2P) communication, making it the most effective way to share fiber-like capacity wirelessly.


HeARThealth launches AI-driven Cardiac MRI analysis: HeARThealth announces launch of its ONEcardio Cardiovascular Clinical Decision Support System. ONEcardio is an AI-driven Cardiac MRI analysis and clinical decision support solution for ischemic heart disease. ONEcardio assists cardiac imagers make faster, accurate diagnosis, prognosis and risk stratification. Clinicians use this information to determine treatment and to improve patient outcomes.


DevAppSol enters Mines/Ports with new Innovation: After successfully deploying DevAppSol, connecting and monitoring Assets in difficult environments and India’s #1 Private LORAWAN network provider, today announced a slew of new innovation with world’s smallest form factor and longest battery life Wireless Multi Sensing (temperature, humidity, vibration, light and energy) devices. DevAppSol is now targeting Digital Transformation in Ports and Mines with its new innovative devices and private networks that work both underground and hard to reach sprawling mines along with accurate location sensing. DevAppSol is a Leader in Connecting and Monitoring Assets and Resources in hostile environments in real time, operating the largest Private LORAWAN network in India. The solution is running for past 3 years successfully at GMR Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad Airport.

About The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Bangalore

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is the world’s largest non-profit organisation for entrepreneurs, founded in 1992. Since its inception in as one of India's first chapters, TiE Bangalore has played a pioneering role in fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem, by actively promoting, mentoring, and helping start-ups scale. With a network of over 500+ members and a reach of 20,000+ entrepreneurs, TiE Bangalore has added significant value to entrepreneurs by providing them opportunities in networking, pitch sessions to various investors, learning & knowledge sharing sessions across personal resilience, business planning and functional areas like marketing, HR, legal, etc.


Established in 2014, the Matrix Forum is a vibrant community of over 2500+ IoT Startups, 25,000 community members, 14 task forces and 100+ active volunteers. The Forum supports start-ups by facilitating knowledge sharing (deep dive sessions, sharing of best practices and use cases, etc.), providing mentorship, access to partners and investors, and thought leadership initiatives with corporates, startups, industry bodies, and governments, as well as connecting Global Ecosystems and publishing the Directory of 2500+ startups. Registered members stay updated with a unique daily broadcast of news, views, announcements, what’s new and celebrations of success which they receive on their mobile. The forum has played a key role in policy influence by releasing whitepapers on vital issues and inviting government representatives to speak at seminars.


This year, Matrix 2022 focused on:

Digital Next: Experts will examine and debate the accelerated digitisation across all industries, top use cases, ROI, as well as security issues and privacy concerns focused on three verticals - Agriculture, Healthcare and Industrial.


Sustainable Growth: Having a lower carbon footprint is the future of sustainable growth, and it will create enormous opportunities over the next decade. Increasingly, large corporations and industries are taking a serious look at their carbon footprint and acting beyond just greenwashing. The Matrix 2022 summit features sessions to understand the emerging technologies for carbon reduction and mitigation, what policies and practices are being developed by large corporations for achieving their sustainability goals, and what avenues Indian startups have for providing additional measurement and visibility.


Future Tech: Sessions at the conference will focus on educating the audience on the latest happenings, research, commercialization and early success around Quantum Computing, MetaVerse, 5G and Private Networks and Spacetech. In addition, there will be a special session focusing on shaping opportunities for the future organised by TiE Women Entrepreneurs (TWE) Special Interest Group (SIG) - Bangalore. The session will delve into how business leaders and entrepreneurs are leveraging the opportunities arising from future technologies and linking it to financial, healthcare, supply-chain, customer engagement, risk management and even entertainment/media.

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