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Tiger India Private Limited Focuses on Indian Markets by Promoting its Hot and Cold Food Culture

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL) will expand the "DO HOT DO COOL" statement in the Indian market to support India's food culture of warm food in winter

Sep 22, 2022 11:00 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL), a subsidiary of Japan's Tiger Corporation, thanked Indian consumers for the strong sales of the new products launched this spring and expressed the company's intention to actively promote products using Tiger's thermal control technology by vacuum insulation through its nationwide network of distributors and retailers in preparation for the upcoming excellent season in autumn and winter.

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL) will expand the DO HOT DO COOL statement in the Indian


Since this spring, Tiger India has successfully launched new vacuum-insulated bottles that can keep drinks cold or warm. The MTA, which allows users to transport cold carbonated drinks, is a groundbreaking product that has been well received in both the Japanese and Indian markets. The highly fashionable MCZ, which can be used outside or in the office, has gained widespread acceptance. The MCT with painting unique and cute animals, created in collaboration with "Kameichido", a Kyoto, Japan-based artist, has been well received by mothers with small children and young women. With its permanent stainless-steel straw, MCS is gaining traction as an environmentally friendly product that reduces plastic waste.

Mr. Masafumi Yamamoto, Representative of Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL), "We hope that by promoting our vacuum insulated bottles, we will be able to reduce the number of plastic containers and PET bottles in the medium to long term, thereby contributing to India's environmental issues. Tiger Corporation will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Our mission is to contribute to India's food culture by bringing Tiger's 'DO HOT DO COOL' statement to the Indian market via the thermal control technology by vacuum insulation that we have developed over the years in the quality-conscious Japanese market."

Since Tiger India's inception in 2015, the LWU series of lunch boxes have been well received by many customers who want to eat a warm lunch outside and on the go. The MCJ and MCL series are portable and keep curry and soup warm. MCI desktop vacuum-insulated mug cup for enjoying a hot beverage at home or at work. The MAA and PWO stainless steel vacuum handy jug series, as well as the other series of vacuum-insulated handy glass jugs, allow for the use of warm water at home at any time. The products are available nationwide at retailers, mass merchandisers, and e-commerce platforms.

About Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL)
Since Tiger Corporation was founded in 1923, we have continued to deliver accessible household products for daily living. It all started with glass vacuum bottles and went on to expand to rice cookers, electric water heaters, and other cooking appliances. Since then, with the strength of our vacuum insulation technology and creative products which first capture the needs of customers, we have been able to deliver convenience and comfort to a variety of everyday scenarios.


In 2012, Tiger Corporation formulated our new Corporate Beliefs. With our mission of “We will continue to create new every day essentials for the dining experience with ideas that produce warmth”. We aim to become a company that will continue to grow for 100 or 200 years. As globalization progresses, we have established sales bases in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S.A, India and Vietnam. In addition to our production base in Shanghai, we opened a new factory in Vietnam in 2012. As we make steady progress, we strive to spread joyous harmony throughout the world.


The vacuum bottle, which is the origin on which this company was founded, is a product that not only functions to keep drinks warm; it plays the role of magic tool that warms the hearts of those who drink from it. Even though the times may change, our resolve remains the same. Tiger Corporation will always continue to help put smiles on peoples’ faces so they can share their smiles with others, which will help people create sophisticated and comfortable lifestyles. We hope you continue to enjoy life with Tiger products and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL) will expand the DO HOT DO COOL statement in the Indian
Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL) will expand the DO HOT DO COOL statement in the Indian
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