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Trade Unions Clubbing Together to Stop

Jul 24, 2019   16:13 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

It has been only a matter of a few months since the birth of, and already they have grabbed enough attention that they are facing strong opposition and backlash from angry and frustrated trade unions who are panicking. When we approached the top executives of the mobile industry, their message was clear: “We fight against any newcomer in the market, but especially in the case of, we will try our best to stop them. We are currently exploring legal action against them.” The trade unions are trying to create a mass boycott against


Ms. Aarushi Dangayach and Ms. Tavishi Batwara


The main reason for this negative reaction is’s business model. They offer a 100% Giftback voucher across all products on the website. When a customer purchases a mobile phone, he receives the full amount back as vouchers to spend on branded apparels, footwear or other lifestyle products. Similarly, when the customer purchases apparels, footwear or other lifestyle items, he can redeem the full price on electronic items. This Giftback is received in real time, with no terms and conditions attached.’s business model has disrupted the entire industry, which is why it is opposed by all others.


In the words of one of’s satisfied customers, “I don’t see any reason to use Amazon or Flipkart anymore. Why should I pay twice the price for every single item when gives 100% Value Back without any terms or conditions in Real Time on every purchase?


This venture, the idea of two enthusiastic teenagers from Jaipur, was formed as a sign of their entrepreneurial skills and their desire to give the Indian buyer more value for their money. The concept, never seen before by the Indian audience, was an instant hit across the entire consumer base.


Unfortunately, this brilliant idea came associated with a heavy price. The emergence of any such innovative concept in the industry was bound to anger the competing market players. As a result, many forces and unions are trying to intimidate and pressurize to maintain their grip on the consumers. As of late, the opposing forces in the market have become more aggressive than ever before. They have sent several increasingly threatening messages to the company and its associates.


Multiple brands whose products are featured on's site have also received threatening messages from influential e-commerce marketers: to dissociate from completely, or lose the partnership of larger parties who want to continue their own monopoly in the market. Associations of popular footwear brands have also received threats from multiple associations to cut off all supply of stock to's Lifestyle category. These larger brands are using cheap tricks to shut down


We were unable to reach Ms. Aarushi Dangayach, one of the Founders of, who was away in London, so we turned to Ms. Tavishi Batwara, the other Founder, who told us "We at do not pay any attention to any such threats, we just do what we do. will soon shut down the monopoly of Amazon, Flipkart and all such other e-commerce websites. We represent the Next Gen of e-tailing."


In the middle of the opposition, stands strong. The company has courageously taken a firm stance against all such bullying from its adversaries. They are determined to respond, not via any such unfair means, but instead in the form of even greater growth of's success. With the advent of such offers and deals, is set to have the next big takeover in the e-commerce industry.


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