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TripFactory Comment on Discount Air Fare Sales

Sep 16, 2014   12:21 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Comment on discounted airfares by Mr Vinay Gupta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, :

 “It is indeed a pleasure to see such discounted offers from airlines coming in at intervals. The travel period covered under the sale offers are extensive, these deals delight and entice people to plan their trip in advance at such low fares. It is a win-win situation for airlines as well as travellers as passengers take advantage of low fare and carriers fill up their aircrafts well in advance and fly more people.  

Such offers are even lower than 3 AC classes of Indian Railways and it also gives enough reasons to people to choose air as their preferred mode of travel.”

About TripFactory (

TripFactory is the largest travel store on earth and offers as a platform that shares unbiased trip advice with online consumers. Simultaneously sourcing superior deals from hotels, tour organisers, travel companies and airlines, TripFactory helps the traveler in choosing the best available offers for a trip.

The platform features a simple search engine, where one can type as one speaks. For example, if one types ‘Fly from Delhi to Dubai and stay in a 5 star hotel under Rs 15,000’, the search engine will exhibit relevant answers and products and not just website links.

Launched in 2013, TripFactory aims to revolutionise the entire travel industry and make it completely user-friendly with the help of advanced technology. Currently, the website offers over 1 lakh travel products and packages.


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