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U2opia Mobile Partners Indosat Ooredoo to Launch IM Gaming - An Industry Pioneering Multi-genre Gaming Platform

Oct 29, 2021 10:33 IST 
Jakarta, Singapore

IM Gaming, a multi-genre gaming platform, was rolled out in partnership with Indosat Ooredoo. Indonesia is one of Asia's largest and fastest-growing gaming markets, with an estimated USD 1.1 Bn generated in 2019 and has witnessed further acceleration due to the pandemic.


IM Gaming


The IM Gaming portal and mobile app are powered by Mojo Gaming, a new platform division at U2opia Mobile. Mojo Gaming partners with mobile operators to offer a compelling consumer-facing proposition that is scalable and highly extensible with its multiyear roadmap. In recent years, gaming solutions are getting highly fragmented with multiple formats and user segments, so the attempt here is to build a 'Great Mall of Gaming'. This omnichannel platform will address various gamer personas from hyper-casual and sports fans to mid-core and hardcore gamers.


With its modular approach, Mojo Gaming will ensure that future developers can plug into the platform and take advantage of the captive user base rather than venture out independently and build customer interest from scratch.


The Mojo Gaming platform runs on a freemium model using Mojo Diamonds (virtual currency). Users can win and redeem diamonds for virtual rewards, including but not limited to Data bundles and Airtime credits.


In keeping with the mission of catering to the whole spectrum of users, Mojo Gaming will have five modules. Competitive Skill Gaming, Football and Cricket Daily Fantasy Sport, eSports Streaming; an e-commerce engine called the Game shop to purchase direct top-ups of games top-selling games in the region and eSports - daily matches and large tournaments across popular Battle Royale and 3X3 game formats.


The platform's flexibility allows more gaming partners to quickly integrate with the Mojo diamond economy and open shop fronts on the Mojo Gaming platform.


"Gaming is taking front and center stage this decade. We are proud to partner with a forward-thinking operator like Indosat Ooredoo to bring this platform to life in Indonesia. The one-stop-shop approach with Mojo Gaming is radically different from how operators have traditionally approached gaming, and we are very excited to begin this long-term partnership," said Sumesh Menon, Co-founder and Managing Director, U2opia Mobile


“Playing games is always fun, and Indosat Ooredoo is aware of the rapid development of the country's gaming industry both for amateur players who just want to spend their spare time, to professional players who want to compete in global eSports championships. For this reason, we have developed IM Gaming, which has the ability to provide a rich and complete digital experience for all of our loyal IM3 Ooredoo customers. We hope that our customers find it interesting and IM Gaming makes it place on top of mind when it comes to fulfilling their gaming needs,” Sudheer Chawla, SVP Head of Digital Services of Indosat Ooredoo, stated.


Over the last ten years, U2opia Mobile has been working together with over 100 Mobile Operator partners to distribute its unique and innovative digital products in over 70 countries in the world.


As it powers into the new hyper-digital decade, U2opia Mobile is well poised to establish a strong presence in the gaming market, leveraging its own OTT experience to build out its new Mojo Gaming division.

IM Gaming
IM Gaming
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