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Uninor Aims for 50% of its Customers to be Internet Users by 2017

Telenor Group CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas visits India

Oct 10, 2014   18:24 IST 
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Mobile phones are the preferred device for internet access and have emerged as the primary driver of social change for better education, healthcare and job opportunities. There is a sharp growth in internet usage through different social networks, applications and other services.


On his recent visit to India, Telenor Group’s President andCEO, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, talked about the strategic ambition of “Internet for All.” This ambition supports the Government of India’s vision of a “Digital India.” Telenor Group believes that mobile internet is a powerful catalyst for social and economic transformation and should be accessible to all.


Complementing the vision of providing a digital future to the people of India, Uninor commits to making the internet accessible to the mass market by making it affordable and relevant to the customers. Uninor is targeting to have 50% of its customers to be mobile internet users by 2017, as internet demand is growing in India


India is seeing rapid growth in internet usage and Telenor applauds the Indian government’s vision of making affordable internet services and content available to the masses. In Uninor, the fastgrowth in internet usage is accelerated by strategic partnerships with online services such as Facebook and WhatsApp that stimulate usage and meets customers’ needs by offering them value and convenience. The internet is opening a world of new possibilities and helping people to transform and empower their lives,” said Jon Fredrik Baksaas.


The internet penetration in India is currently at 25%, or 245 million people. This number is expected to grow to approximately 500 million internet users by 2017. Currently, 70% of the web traffic is coming from mobile devices and Uninor has seen a surge in their internet users in the market. The share of internet users in Uninor’s customer base has grown by 73% over last year.


In April this year, Uninor announced its internet strategy, moving from volume based offerings (megabyte and gigabyte offerings) to service-based offerings. A global partnership betweenFacebook and WhatsApp with Telenor Group has helped Uninor togain internet users.These attractive products have helped Uninor grow its userbase in the market by making the internet affordable and easily accessible to the mass market.


Telenor Group is the majority owner of Uninor and has recently applied for 100% ownership in its Indian operation.


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Mr. Jon Fredrik Baksaas
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