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Women’s Day Message by Virat Kohli's 'Wrogn' Gets Showcased by Time Magazine Along with Messages from Hillary Clinton and Emma Watson

Conceptualized and created by Fisheye Creative Bangalore for USPL & Virat Kohli, Wrogn is fast gaining popularity for its innovative social media campaigns, from Women’s Day to Freedom of Speech & becoming the most talked about brand among youth. It got featured on Mashable as well. At last count, it’s reached well over 7 million people, with 400,000 likes and thousands of shares.

Apr 11, 2016   10:44 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Wrogn’s latest message on International Women’s Day has been one of the most shared message in the world. On March 8, Wrogn posted a picture of Virat on its Facebook page, apologizing to girls for cat-callers, jerks and stalkers, among others. Within hours, it viralled out.


In March 2015, when the Supreme Court struck down the draconian Section 66A and upheld the nation’s right to freedom of speech, Wrogn responded with a giveaway on Myntra of two steel balls. The accompanying message thanked the Supreme Court for the ruling and invited people to #saysomethingwrogn.


In September 2015, the brand announced a game called the Wrogn Auditions, available on the web and through apps for iOS and Android. Virat Kohli asked questions to figure out who best matches the brand’s unique, edgy personality, with rewardof a trip to Vegas to the winner. It garnered over a million gameplays and was an instant hit with gaming enthusiasts.


Wrogn has built its brand on constant disruption and innovative messaging, “From the start, we didn’t want to make just another vanilla youth brand,” says Anjana Reddy, CEO of USPL, “We wanted an ambassador who was edgy. And we wanted an agency that pushed the boundaries. With Virat and Fisheye, we found the perfect partners.”


Dave Banerjee, CEO of Fisheye, says, “It takes a brave client to pull off a brand like Wrogn. We are trying to build Wrogn by disrupting every medium, consistently. We are constantly striving to keep Wrogn’s messaging provocative to make every marketing rupee work harder.


About WROGN:

WROGN (pronounced wrong), launched in October 2014, is a breakaway youth fashion brand which is inspired by the distinctive sense of style and the enormous youth appeal of cricketing genius, ViratKohli. WROGN is an extension of his bold and dynamic personality which is expressed in each piece of clothing. WROGN is targeted towards open minded and progressive young men, who like to make their own choices in life. The brand is experimental in its ethos and product philosophy. WROGN is one of the highest selling fashion brands on fashion portal Myntra and is available in prominent Shoppers Stop locations.

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WROGN - Virat Kohli
WROGN - Virat Kohli
WROGN - Virat Kohli - Auditions in Vegas
WROGN - Virat Kohli - Auditions in Vegas

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