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digital pr success 10 points

Your 10 point programme to Digital PR Success

Digital Public Relations is an emerging field where everyone is jumping to try their luck. The success in digital world is not possible without defined objectives and an execution plan. Here we will discuss about 10 points which would be possibly helping you to achieve success in your digital PR journey.

1) Define your goals

As we already said, defining your goals and objectives from every digital activity is crucial for success. At first, define what you want to achieve, expected Revenue and ROI is a good place to start.


2) Who are you targeting

Every person on internet has different set of interests and desires. Everyone doesn’t have interest in your company. So you need to identify the right audience for your Public Relations campaign. Use your existing or competitor data to define who is your ideal target market. This is critical to the success of your campaign.


3) Why would your ideal customer pick you?

There are more than millions of companies present over the internet. What differentiates you from them?  If you can’t answer this question for yourself, imagine what your customers are going through. Focus on your USP.


4) Identify your platform

Every person had unique choices of consuming content and based on that he/she choose a digital platform. Before starting the campaign, you need to find out where does your target market spend most time- Social media, search engines, blogs, news websites?

Pick the top 3 to target.


5) Define your conversion journey

Converting a visitor into a customer online is not a game of one day. There is a long journey through which visitors passes to become your customers. It’s rare that a customer will see your ad and jump to purchase what you offer. It must be a guided process, informative process. Define each touch point.


6) Nurturing mechanism

You need to drag the attention of your potential customers towards your offer. Create a sales funnel, an email campaign and an experience for all your leads to be nurtured towards conversion.


7) Create an offering and distribute your News

Brand visibility holds too much importance when it comes to digital success. Get your news, your product offering, and your services out into credible media outlets through Press Release distribution services.

8) Create platform campaigns

Build campaigns according to platforms and try to engage to audience. Get the right copy to tie into your overall pitch and the appropriate visuals – then launch your traffic campaign.


9) Target the right niche

Target specific journalists and trade experts to hit the right niche for your offering. These influencers will help you to increase your brand visibility among your target people.

10) Monitor and Modify

Monitoring your all digital efforts across platforms is very important part of digital PR. Measure ROI over a specific term, identify gaps and tweak your approach. Analytic tools will help you to analyze your performance over a period of time.

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