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Press Release Distribution India
NewsVoir offers you a single-window solution for your communications needs so whether you are a small or mid-sized firm or you are listed or a fortune 500 company, we help you get your message across to hundreds of media outlets and online publications across India

Our goal is to make Press Release Distribution an easy click-of-the-button process for you and let you have more time at hand to focus on issues which are greater strategic importance.

Distribution process is very simple... You write your press release and send it across to [email protected]  with instructions and time for distribution.

Prior to sending the Press Releases, do remember to register by filling up the Client Membership Agreement and mailing it to [email protected]. This is a one-time exercise, and will ensure that from next time onwards you don’t have to fill any forms. Registration has other benefits too as this enable us to share with you information pertaining to new services, products and promotional offers.