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GENERATE PUBLICITY with India’s fastest most reliable News distribution service. NewsVoir is the leader in News distribution services and online news distribution in India. It’s simple to get started. You write a release or an announcement about your organization –it may be for a new product launch, current promotions and offers, a local event – It could be anything. We distribute your news to every major media point and search engine on the web, position your news to journalists and also in front of your potential customers.


  • Instant Release
  • Guidance on Content and Targeting
  • Press Release Creation Services
  • Simple and Quick Solutions
  • Multimedia Rich Releases


  • National and Regional Reach
  • Large Media Network and Visibility
  • Optimized and Web Ready
  • Social Shareability
  • Credibility


  • Periodic Updates
  • Tracked by Newsvoir
  • Full Transparency
Create Your News
Your organization always has great news to share, the launch of a product or service, the industry and customer events you host, the innovation and research you are working on - all aspects of information are relevant to your customers. With NewsVoir, you can quickly, effortlessly and cost effectively share your news with your audience & build your engagement with them. Our news distribution services and online news distribution in India is unmatched.
Instant Release

Do you have a press release idea ready to go? Get in touch with us and we will position it to a vast network of journalists and media points instantly

Guidance on Content and Targeting

We will help you create a fantastic Press Release which truly appeals to your target audience. We include targeted SEO keywords in your release to associate your brand with them

Press Release Creation Services

Never written a Press Release? Don’t worry we have some great resources, tips and tricks as well as Press Release writing services to get you the right content

Simple and Quick Solutions

We can assure you it is effortless and simple to use our distribution service. Just get in touch with us and our team will handhold you through the entire process – Your release could be out by tomorrow

Multimedia Rich Releases

You can include photographs, videos, audio and boost your brand identity, be found on video websites and image searches. We make Search Engine Visibility easy for you

Position and Distribute your News
As India’s premier news distribution service, we are able to position your news to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Your news will be visible to over 5000+ journalists and bloggers. It will be visible across a variety of social media channels as well as on our website which is highly visited by journalists, media personnel, bloggers, marketers and trade experts on a daily basis. With NewsVoirs services you can be well on your way to building a truly recognizable and relevant brand.
National and Regional Reach

You will be able to Reach Local, Regional and National media and Prospective clients

Large Media Network and Visibility

Your news can be readily picked up by news outlets and journalists who are specific to your industry

Optimized and Web Ready

Your Release for the web is completely optimized through our sharing platform and with search optimization best practices so your news can reach a wider audience

Social Shareability

We have special Social sharing features to help your news spread across the social web. NewsVoir can help you get positioned on social networks; this gives the opportunity for existing and potential customers to read your story


Using a news feature rather than advertisements can actually lead to much higher credibility of your brand in the market

Track your news
You can track where your news is covered online – which news and media points it has been picked up by and all of this is done by the NewsVoir team and shared with you as part of our service.
From the time we publish your news release, NewsVoir starts to track your online presence and captures the variety of media points your news spreads to. This can be very valuable in letting your clients, partners and other audiences know how well your organization is being featured in the press and thereby continue to accentuate your brand awareness.
Our online distribution monitoring and robust network ensures a maximum reach of media outlets and may result in over 50+ coverages with your first Press Release itself.
Periodic Updates

You will receive multiple updates periodically after your release, giving you a clear picture of the coverages you have received and links to the URL’s where you have been covered online

Tracked by NewsVoir

All tracking is done by NewsVoir and provided to you in an easy to understand and complete manner. No efforts are required by you to track your news online

Full Transparency

Each coverage is clearly identified and given to you to further share and promote easily through our platform and is also covered on our website and Facebook page to maximize your visibility



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