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Simplicity and Ease of Use
Use your India Press Release and news to attract customers, drive an immediate increase in site traffic, be found by prospects with top search engine placement, Boost your business buzz with top-tier media coverage?, Connect with media, Investors, Social Networks and consumers anywhere around the world.


All you need to do is email or upload the press releases with photo/video if any and we will handle the rest. We make it easy for you to quickly get your news to the right media sources.


Instant delivery to individuals and also across multiple platforms. As soon as we publish your Press Release, our platform pushes it to a large number of media points, RSS feeds, Website and social media influencers, instantly there will be connects and visibility for you.

Editorial support and guidance

With vast experience in this field, we guide you on the best message to bring out for your India Press Release. We sharpen your message and help you polish it to the level where journalists are happy to pick up your news.

Everything you need

To distribute your news under one umbrella from release ideas on our blogs, to samples, to actually creating your Press Release, to publishing it to the right people and then tracking it. Everything related to your India press release is handled by us and is delivered to you quickly maintaining high quality standards.
Reach the right audience
Boost the visibility of your traditional and social media press releases. It's easy with our step-by-step process - add hyperlinks, multimedia assets such as images and video, and your own social media links with help from our expert client services team. We also encourage social sharing by adding the most popular social sharing links to every release.

Be found

Search Engine optimization for better online indexing and visibility, strong backlinks from high authority websites and get maximum eyeballs.

Cost effective

We offer a very simple pay per use model, no lock in fees, no retainers, no need for cumbersome high upfront payments. As the customer you are our top priority and we ensure that we make it easy for you to use our services.


Make your news more informative, relevant, valuable and engaging. Add more punch and visibility to text press releases, make your news more impactful with multimedia – add images, videos, sound bytes and other promotional media.


Over 5000+ journalists, trade experts, bloggers are connected to our platform and can give you the visibility that you need.


Generate inbound traffic to your website, improve your SEO effectiveness and create great backlinks from high authority websites.


Start a conversation - Create a conversation about your brand through your news. Get people talking and sharing it with multiple sources. Position your news to the precise industry experts, geographic regions and audiences, as well as with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Create and Distribute Shareable content

Reach the right people at the right time. Add images, videos and audio to news releases to make them stand out from the crowd. Embed hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website. And inspire people to share your news with social media tags.
Support from beginning to end
As soon as you decide on releasing your news - we're there for you: resolve any queries, tips to improve your release, and provide you with full hand holding and guidance that makes it easy for you to achieve your goals. We go the extra mile to ensure your success and that you have a great experience.


Remain updated on the circulation of your Press Release and get a visibility report from NewsVoir with links to identify the online coverage you received.


24x7 personalized assistance just a call or mail away.