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As a PR Agency or PR Professional you are constantly trying to build visibility for your clients. In today’s crowded marketplace where the attention of the consumer is fleeting and at a premium, it can get very difficult to provide a solution to your clients which is cost effective yet gives them the real visibility they need.

Every organization whether big or small, a startup or a fortune 500 company looks to their PR Agency or partners to provide them with coverage, instant responses and clear messaging all at a limited cost when compared to traditional marketing. This means that now more than ever the PR Organizations to need to show value and bring about credible results.

As a PR agency you need to ensure that you have the right tools for the task at hand and optimize various strategies, so that you deliver, high value, timely and cost effective results to your clients.

Using Press Release Distribution to provide credible results almost instantly

One strategy is the effective use and distribution of Press Releases with a reliable partner, to ensure you get the most ROI on the clients’ investment. For a fraction of the advertising spend you can give your clients the value of over 40+ media releases across various regional, national and social media points.

Telling a story, announcing a launch event or introducing a new product or service through Press Releases is one of the most effective ways of reaching the right audiences. This is assuming you can distribute the content through the right channels and get it positioned appropriately across a plethora of platforms. Through news distribution, this is something you can definitely achieve and leveraging a distribution partner is the best way to achieve this.

In the world of digitalization, everything is online. Everyone is connected to each other. Digital PR is combination of press release distribution and sourcing it through online channels that result in awareness of brand.

The benefits of using a news distribution partner to get your announcements positioned are manifold, some of which we talk about – specially from the perspective of a PR Agency:

Simplicity of use

As a PR agency with multiple clients, using a platform for distribution gives you instant results and a good mix of publications. It is simple and efficient and can help you reach a broad audience very quickly. Also each release requires minimum time investment giving you the ability to get assured results through one channel so you may focus your time on other channels of PR

Digital footprint building for your client

By using Press Releases and distributing them across the web, you can create a strong digital footprint for your client and tell their story, the visibility you get from the online publications will give you the credibility to reach out to other media points in print and get them to cover even more aspects of the brand. By creating the buzz initially you can look to really ramp up the overall PR strategy to maximize the advantage.

Sharing multimedia easily

Making the announcements and content more interactive and memorable is essential, by including videos, images and sound bytes, you will be able to engage your audience at a different level and once again get your clients the visibility their brand needs.

Last minute releases

Have you been in the situation where the client has just come up with a plan to promote their event and you have two days to run around getting them some publicity? Quick turn around and even faster visibility is something that a news distribution partner can give you – helping you meet your clients expectations and making the process smooth and stress free.

Building relationships with Journalists

By putting your Press Releases through a news distribution partner – you can start to build relationships with the journalists on the platform and start seeking out stronger relationships to position your clients better. PR Agencies are quite aware of how important these relationships are in the long run and getting access to thousands of journalists across the country through releases is immensely valuable.

Geographical reach to Regional and National levels

Visibility both nationally and regionally is of essence, by using a single point of coverage and covering multiple locations and regional areas you can expect to save a lot of time, energy and effort.

Showing credible results

Visibility without Credibility is something a PR Agencies clients would not be happy with, but with news distribution you can definitely hope to position the relevant content on high circulation media houses and really add credibility not only to the PR campaign but the brand overall.

Cost effective value

The best and most important aspect of the relationship with a news distribution partner is the fact that it is extremely cost effective and of high value. By using it regularly you can really build a strong relationship with your clients showing them results on an ongoing basis which is not available to them in any other form. Press Release distribution is the main stay of a long lasting relationship with your clients and something you must look to build into your overall strategy.

PR Agencies and professionals should consistently focus on engaging with press contacts and media contacts thereby ensuring the visibility their clients need. Also secure credible coverage resulting in a broad based branding exercise. By ensuring that your news distribution partner has the right and most sophisticated platform, the widest connects and a genuine value proposition which benefits you and your client. At NewsVoir our focus is to be a single point of contact for all your and your clients news distribution needs.