Social Media Platforms

Getting media coverage can be fantastic for your brands positioning. This is definitely an objective which most brands want to achieve. Considering how crowded the marketplace is and how every organization is looking to get positioned and the hundreds of emails received by journalists and editors getting coverage can be quite hard. Using NewsVoir is definitely a much simpler and easier way but let’s not get into that just yet.

Once you are able to get media visibility you must use it in the most effective manner possible. While you may have battled to find your spot in the right media niche and finally got your story out there, there is still another aspect of positioning which remains.

If you want to continue to pitch your story and enhance your visibility you need to ensure that you get your audiences to see this coverage.

In order to maximize the value of content, only publishing is not enough. This is just one step. Once the article is published, it has to be proactively distributed to your audience as well.

Here are some tips you can use to amplify your Media Coverage


In order to get more visibility, social media platforms can be an important tool to spread the content. There are a variety of social media platforms, on which media content can be distributed. When you are posting the content on Facebook or LinkedIN, ensure to tag the relevant people, the people who helped you, your customers, and your employees. By getting a 3rd party seal of approval to your work your credibility will sky rocket.


How many emails do you send out? Proposals, advertising, social and business, all of these emails must contain links to your media coverage. You have to position yourself uniquely as compared to your competitors, these are some subliminal messaging techniques to get whoever you are interacting with to see your brand as an authority.


When you have made the effort of getting covered by valuable media points, making it part of your newsletter is a  great idea. Again maybe your email audience is not aware, maybe an old customer did not have you at the top of their mind and will consider the coverage as an endorsement to the work you do. If you are not already doing this and is not part of your ongoing marketing activities, take the initiative of including the newsletter, to reach more and more people. By doing this you can get your press coverage visible to a new set of eyeballs and influencers.


Be proactive in sending media features to your prospects, potential investors or any other stakeholder who can learn more about your brand. You can send an article through direct messages, Twitter or LinkedIn. Remember the story you are telling and the endorsement of your brand through the media is exactly what investors look for before they make a decision to talk to you.


If your coverage is well drafted then it will definitely have a human element of achievement, success, overcoming obstacles or happiness –this human interest in the story is the reason you share it, and it is more likely to be appreciated by your audience. It is imperative to an include element of human interest in your story to enhance the visibility.


Now while this may sound counterintuitive but stay with us, Use your existing coverage to bring to the attention of other media houses and journalists that your brand is worthy of news. This is by far the most important aspect of getting that sought after and valuable media coverage. Get out there and start sending emails to all the journalists you can find, highlight to them what makes your story so great and why you were covered in the media in the first place. By starting this conversation you will create great connects for yourself and your brand within the media, as well as you will get them to stand up and listen to your news. Utilizing this technique can lead to a huge benefits by creating a “snowball” effect and it’s a strategy which you can rinse and repeat over and over again. When you start to look at it one piece of media coverage can lead to a large number of other media releases and really put your brand on the map. By creating this ripple effect you will be able to continue to harness the momentum of the first coverage and may end up saving a lot of money not going down the advertising route. Check out one of Newsvoirs clients, she was able to make this a reality for her organization.

In general it’s important to understand that getting that 1st press coverage can lead to a lot of other things and it is up to you to really leverage all the strategies possible to get the most out of it. As you start to implement each of these strategies you will be able to clearly see the benefits and build it into your formal processes. So don’t wait around go get that 1st coverage and watch the entire media sphere open up to you.