Why do We Need Blog for a Business website

Deciding to start a blog for your website can be a dilemma for you as a business owner. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros of having a blog on your website.


There are most of the chances that you will search your competitor’s website to check whether they have a blog section on their website or not. But it gets more confusing when you come to know that some good websites have a separate blog section but some don’t. This article is going to answer all your questions related to the blog. First, we need to understand what’s a blog and how does it work.


What is a blog?


A Blog is your digital diary where you can put your thoughts, activities, poetries, emotions, experiences or whatever you want to write. But here, your blog would be in the public domain on the internet and that means anyone in the world can read you. That’s why you should be writing valuable and interesting content for the readers of your blog which can engage them. In case of a business website blog, of course, it should be related to your business niche only.


Do you need a blog for your business website?


While planning to start a blog on your website, the first important thing is to know whether you need it or not. The answer to this question is absolute YES. Websites who have a blog get 5 times more traffic and leads. Who doesn’t want such benefit at minimal expense and effort? So, create a blog section on your website today!


What are the key things to remember for your blog?


After starting a blog, you should quickly start choosing topics for your blog articles. Your topics should be really interesting and engaging for your targeted audience. Here engaging content and targeted audience are the most important factors to care about. Your content should be specific to your business field and your target readership should be defined. If you keep writing interesting and engaging content regularly, people will start noticing and following you on social media channels.


elements of a blog


What are the benefits of a blog?


Now comes to the most important part of this exercise: what would you get if you start a blog on your website. Honestly, it depends on the quality of your content and your strategy to engage your audience. If you write interesting & useful content which internet users love to read, your blog will be rewarding for your business. But if you keep copy and pasting some usual stuff on your blog, you will lose all your time and efforts. If you are reading this article till here, we believe you are damn serious for your blogging journey. In this case, these are the benefits your blog can bring to your business.


1. Traffic, Traffic and Traffic:

A good blog post can generate a lot of useful traffic to your website. People are looking for the answers to the same questions you’ve explained in your blog. They are potential customers for your business and only your blog can attract them to your website organically. You just need to help them, engage them and answer their questions on your blog.


2. Convert traffic into Leads:

Now your website is getting more traffic through the blog so you gave a good opportunity to convert this traffic into leads. By adding a simple “Call to Action”, you can get contact information of your reader who may become your customer. You can offer free eBook, quote or consultation to build trust with your reader.


3. Boost Social Media Presence:

When you create original, interesting and engaging content, you will be getting more social media likes and shares from your targeted demographics. It will obviously improve your brand’s social media visibility and your website will be getting traffic from Social media too. Don’t forget to add Social Media Share buttons on your blog article.


4. Increase SEO performance:

First page ranking of a website on search engines’ result page for maximum keywords is a goal for many business owners. But your blog can reduce your SEO efforts because it helps you to get better SEO results. After all, it has more relevant keywords and search engine friendly valuable content. The more you will write useful, original & valuable content, the more you will be getting good SEO results.

Remember to follow best SEO practices. Keep consistency while posting articles on blog. Post daily, weekly or fortnightly, but make your fix schedule.


5. Long term result for you Brand:

With a blog, not just these instant benefits but you will be getting long term results for your business and brand. You can build trust and good relationships with your audience & customers through a blog. Your business will have great chances to get noticed by industry experts, competitors and potential collaborations.




Now you have understood the need, process and benefits of a blog on your website. Don’t wait and start it today. Don’t expect results from it too soon, be consistent in posting good and engaging content for your readers. Your good work and patience will bring a lot of fruits for your website & business in future. Good Luck.


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