Social Media Branding

A brand thrives on a genuine and loyal relationship with its customers. That is what is so unique about being on Social Media nowadays, you can easily reach and develop that loyalty and constantly position yourself with individuals who are interested in and care about your brand. Building a relationship with them is of paramount importance. Nowadays, getting to know your audiences and building relationships with them is easier than ever. Through the use of social media platforms and various analytics, brands can understand their audience – What interests them, what are their views, what do they want – in ways we never could before.

Universal McCann in a research project they conducted identified that 71% of social media branding users were more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online. The kind of boost just this indicator can bring about for your brand is incredible.

Social Media branding requires you to remain relevant, identify where their key demographics hangout and have a genuine strategy to keep them engaged. People are now spending more and more time educating themselves about the products and services they want online, searching for as much information as possible before they make any purchase decision. This is where you need to be there every step of the way influencing and guiding their decision.

So how do you make sure your brand stands out and develop a brand which truly engages with its customers?

Here are 3 Simple ways to build and create genuine and lasting relationships with your followers on social media:

1. Provide Value Through A Unique Voice

Genuineness and transparency – that’s what you’re unique voice needs to always echo. When you focus on a genuine and transparent interaction the relationships built become easier to build. Take time to research and understand your audience. Follow buzzwords and the trending conversations and how they can relate to your brand. By using relevant news and trends integrated with your brand message you can increase loyalty and engagement.
Always be on the lookout for how you can add value to your audience, how can you help them solve a problem by educating them, handholding them through a challenge or just by understanding their point of view. All your material must contain the unique branding of your organization, whether it is social media brands, emailer, press release distribution or webinar.

2. Consistency & Credibility

Stick to your values and always be visible on the platforms of your choice. If you do not show up for 5 days and suddenly put in a tweet or a post and expect your audience to engage with you then you are in for a rude shock. Do not just push company messaging and advertising as a way of expecting engagement. Build in care, humor and value you’re your content. Find a reason for giving individuals the opportunity to leave a comment, genuinely like your posts or respond to a question you asked.

These are a few different ways you can engage with your audience across social media:

Add value and a point of view to ongoing conversations

Use trending hashtags and appropriate content to be part of top-of-mind discussions.

Favorite when people share their ideas and posts

Be ever visible on all the platforms you need to be

Another way of engaging with your audience is to share some interesting news around your brand – use a press release service to add that element of credibility and then share the kind of coverage you got – this really can add immense value to the image you build up as well as be a great conversation piece. Check out our service online at our website, Press Release distribution is a very tactical and credible way of engaging with your audience for consistent and credible branding. Press release distribution India and internationally have recently seen a huge increase in interest from journalists and news websites which are looking for great content and to identify the right people to follow up with.

3. Share Relevant Content

Put your audiences’ interest first, now how do you actually go about doing that? One simple way is always ask – keep a dialogue open, tell them to contribute and give their ideas, using this you can actually build a clear understanding of your audience’s interests. There are several tools out there to help you evaluate your audience demographics to understand what they’re interested in and how you can deliver it. Perhaps the easiest one is a social media channel’s native analytics dashboard. You can gain insights into your audience demographics such as age, interests, profession, and location, to name a few. By understanding and engaging with your audience based on their demographics, you can consciously build meaningful relationships. Always be asking yourself if what you’re posting will resonate with your audience. Will it empower them in any way? Are you providing them with something they’ll care about? If your audience finds value, they’ll continue to come back.