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Dalal Street Investment Journal Names Mr. Joydeep R Ray as its New Executive Editor and Chief Operating Officer

Jan 06, 2016   13:05 IST 

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), India’s #1 investment magazine has named Joydeep R Ray as its new Executive Editor and Chief Operating Officer.


Before joining, Dalal Street Investment Journal, Ray served a long and exciting tenure with The Indian Express and also spearheaded the editorial operations of the Business Standard in Gujarat before taking charge of his assignments with NDTV Profit and NDTV 24x7.


He also has worked for a significant time with Associated Press, world’s largest news agency. Based out of Pune and Mumbai, Ray will oversee editorial activities of Dalal Street Investment Journal and all of its products’ content. Along with editorial operations, Ray having his roots in a Himalayan hill town and equally in love with the western Indian states, he will be putting his efforts on taking operations of the DSIJ to a new height.


“I am elated that Ray has joined our team,” said Rajesh V Padode, Managing Director – DSIJ Pvt Ltd. “He shares our values and our focus on quality content with a strong emphasis on customer experience. He has shown himself to be an extraordinary leader throughout his career and has a proven 20 year track record.”


"I look forward to all the excitements coming from the challenges ahead with my joining with this prestigious brand. DSIJ has always been a respected and coveted brand like all of the other brands I served before. Biggest task ahead is to take this brand to a new level, a newer height along with the topsy-turvy of the stock markets while I will keep ears and eyes open to hear from our readers, investors as they say the last word when it comes to DSIJ” said Ray.



Starting off as a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet in 1986, Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), the flagship product of the company, soon began to be looked upon as the gospel of stock market investing. At a time when quality financial and guidance was rare, the company (DSIJ) pioneered many ‘firsts’ to cater to the fast growing investor base of India. Over the years, its primary publication and other products have helped investors create and protect their wealth in the most meaningful manner, guiding both new investors and the experienced ones, not to forget the established traders, to choose the right stocks, avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of high tides in the vast ocean of equity investments. It is this vast experience, study and toughening during all kinds of scams and markets ups and downs that gives DSIJ an unbiased balanced insight about the several unfolding events without getting swayed by temporary and misleading populous excitement. 

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