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Messages from Messengers is a story of a woman, who like every ordinary person, endures both: days of happiness and sorrow. However, what sets her apart, is her childlike attitude towards life that not only makes situations easier, but also brings her closer towards Divinity. Through her story, she gently highlights the significance of developing an inner communication with one's self to lead a wholesome life with an attitude of gratitude. No matter what religious background one may come from, spirituality embraces all.
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Demystifying Realms at the Bombay Stock Exchange: An Expert Panel Launched the Book “Messages from Messengers” By Priti K Shroff

“Messages from Messengers” book launch by Priti K Shroff, saw a very interesting mix of audience, from financiers to bankers to corporates & homemakers at the prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange. It was not just a plain book launch event but also had an interesting panel ... (more)